Codelphia Chat - Rules and Etiquette

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Do NOT confront anyone with ANY form of insult, attack, or direct command about how to chat. If you have a problem with a person or topic, a private email to them, or to a moderator, is the way to proceed.

2. Don't interrupt other chatters to change the subject. Wait patiently to contribute what you have to say.

3. Don't ask the same questions over and over if you don't get an immediate reply. If no one chooses to reply, drop the subject altogether.

4. Remember that people of various ages and sensibilities visit our chat. While broaching topics like religion, politics, sexuality, is not discouraged, no one should be targeted in a way that deliberately causes distress. We ask everyone to just ignore topics or statements they find objectionable. Generally chat is fast moving and topics short-lived. Wait a bit and things change. There is certainly no need to engage every person and/or conversation.

5. Remember that in chatting, USING CAPITAL LETTERS IS LIKE SHOUTING! Use them sparingly and for accent only! The exception will be when we play our Dark Shadows Trivia game in which the questions and answers are all in capital letters.

6. Respect the opinions of others, even if you politely disagree, and they will respect you.

7. Use caution when telling off-color or rowdy jokes. No mean-spirited jokes based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. are allowed.

8. Profanity and "gutter language" cheapen the chat, so avoid using them in excess for anything more than an occasional accent!

9. There is always a flow to chat conversations. Going with that flow will almost always provide a better experience for everyone. No one should constantly attempt to steer the conversation when it's clear the chat is going elsewhere.

10. And the last rule is to have fun! And allow others to have fun as well!

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