Dark Shadows B&W December 9, 2004
EPISODE 208 April 13, 1967
SciFi No. 6774 (Last aired 10-16-01)
Narrator: Alexandra Moltke
Timeline: 1967
<Note: Curtis Prod. number skipped 73>

Cast: Elizabeth Collins Stoddard... Joan Bennett
Jason McGuire... Dennis Patrick
Willie Loomis... John Karlen
David Collins... David Henesy

Production: Taped April 11, 1967
Fashions Courtesy of Ohrbach's
Series created by: Dan Curtis
Story Created by: Art Wallace
Producer: Robert Costello
Director: Lela Swift
Writer: Ron Sproat
1966(c) Dan Curtis Productions

- In the aftermath of the fight, Elizabeth decides that Willie must leave Collinsport immediately. Jason convinces her to give Willie $500 to get rid of him. Willie steals an emerald/diamond pin and as Jason convinces him to return it we see the sensitive childish Willie for the first time. Jason acts like he found the pin and returns it to Elizabeth, who is unconvinced. Willie grills David about ancestors and family jewels. David tells him of a relative buried with all her jewels. Willie admires Barnabas' portrait and hears the heartbeat as he sees the eyes glow for the first time.

Blow by Blow Narrative 208 by David M. Martin
As accurate as I can make it. Rendered
from an MPI-produced VHS recording.
Some small errors are inevitable.
<My comments in angle brackets>

VOICEOVER: My name is Victoria Winters: Violence has erupted near Collinwood, a show of brutal anger between man and man and one of the men is a guest at Collinwood. Now the violent night has passed. But in the day that lies ahead another kind of violence will take place, a meaner, more petty violence, a violence prompted by greed, a violence greater than a show of hatred because it is a violence, not of the body, but of the spirit.

SCENE: Collinwood Exterior in Daylight: We are looking at the entire mansion surrounded by a foreground wreath of leaves. We zoom in on the portion of the house to the left of the tower then dissolve to the foyer, where we are located very near the grandfather clock and looking along the drawing room wall at the upstairs landing. Willie Loomis steps out of the hallway crosses the landing and comes downstairs. We pull back and pan with him as he steps over and stares for a moment at the portrait of Barnabas Collins which hangs on the wall to the right of the entryway. After a moment he laughs and walks down the foyer to enter the service door.

ACTION: We dissolve to the drawing room, where we are in close-up as Elizabeth fastens a pin to the draped collar of her dark dress. She walks over and sits on the sofa then adjusts the pin as Jason steps into the drawing room.

McGUIRE: Ah... good morning, good morning. (steps past the table in front of the sofa then turns to face her with hands clasped behind back) Well, I was greeted by Mrs. Johnson with the glad news that you wanted to see me.

ELIZABETH: I certainly do. But I doubt if what I have to say you'll find very cheerful. I want your friend out of Collinwood and away from Collinsport. Is that clear?

McGUIRE: (smile frozen on face) Ah yes, I had an idea that's what you were going to say.

ELIZABETH: I have said it and I mean it.

McGUIRE: Don't you know that I'm not used to being given orders.

ELIZABETH: I don't care.

McGUIRE: Well, I expect that news has reached you of that little unfortunate fight last night in town between my friend Willie and Mr. Devlin.

ELIZABETH: (stands, steps past him toward the piano) Willie has absolutely no control. I should never have let him stay here one minute when I found out what he tried to do to Carolyn. He must leave Collinwood as soon as possible. (turns to face him) And if he doesn't...

McGUIRE: (steps to the end of the sofa nearest the door) Ahh now, there's no need to threaten us. I agree with you completely.

ELIZABETH: (quite surprised by this) What?

McGUIRE: I said I agree with you completely. As far as I'm concerned Willie is no longer a friend of mine.

ELIZABETH: What are you really saying?

McGUIRE: (laughs) Dear Liz... always so suspicious. This time your suspicions are completely unfounded. Willie will very soon be out of Collinwood and away from Collinsport.

ELIZABETH: (stares at him in complete silence)

McGUIRE: Well, you know how eager I have always been to do whatever you asked. (steps closer to her and grins)

TITLES: ...la de daaaa de da da deeee di daaaaa...

SCENE: Collinwood: Drawing Room: We start with a mid-distance shot of Elizabeth, who is over her shock and makes an answer to Jason. "Well then, I consider the matter settled. Now if you'll excuse me..." she starts to walk past him and out of the room but he turns with her.

McGUIRE: One moment, Elizabeth...

ELIZABETH: (pauses and turns back toward him) What is it?

McGUIRE: I'm afraid that the matter is not quite settled. If Willie is to leave he must have the means to leave.

ELIZABETH: If you or Willie expect to be bribed to see that he goes the answer is no.

McGUIRE: Bribed? (clicks tongue) What an ugly word.

ELIZABETH: Well then don't force me to use it.

McGUIRE: All right then, I won't. Now my approach to this is completely practical. Now you see, Willie can't get from here to wherever he is going without money. You want Willie to leave. Well then, I think it's only fair that you should furnish the necessary money.

ELIZABETH: I will give you the bus fare from here to Bangor.

McGUIRE: (laughs) No, I'm afraid that won't do. After all Willie should be compensated for his inconvenience.

ELIZABETH: (jaw drops, stares at him) Then you are asking for a bribe!

McGUIRE: Oh no... no, no... I'm asking for $1000.

ELIZABETH: You can ask all you like but you won't get it.

McGUIRE: But I thought you want Willie to leave.

ELIZABETH: I refuse to be involved in this sordid business. (walks behind the sofa to the fireplace)

McGUIRE: (follows) Well, I don't know that you are in a position to refuse, Elizabeth. (leans on the sofa) And might I just remind you that this is not the first time you have involved yourself in something slightly sordid.

ELIZABETH: I forbid you to keep bringing that up. (close-up, glares at him)

McGUIRE: (off camera) But you keep making it necessary.

ELIZABETH: I won't be forced this way! (turns and looks at the floor)

ACTION: We change views to the floor in front of the fireplace where Elizabeth's diamond pin has fallen. She falls silent as Jason speaks from off camera. "Why, your beautiful pin." We pull back as he steps forward and picks it up for. He turns and over and looks at the back of it. "Oh... you have broken the clasp."

ELIZABETH: Never mind the pin. I am not giving you any money.

McGUIRE: (admiring it) It's beautiful.

ELIZABETH: (extends hand) May I have it please?

McGUIRE: Why yes. (places it in her hand) Certainly.

ELIZABETH: (steps over and places the pin on the table in front of the sofa) Did you hear what I said about the money?

McGUIRE: Yes. (follows her) But I'm afraid that I must insist. (steps past her to the end of the sofa)

ELIZABETH: Insist all you like. The answer is no.

McGUIRE: Well now, must you say that? You know you're going to give me the money.

ELIZABETH: I'm not and that's final.

McGUIRE: (shrugs) Well then... Willie does not leave Collinwood.

ELIZABETH: (steps to his side) He most certainly does!

McGUIRE: And what will you do if he doesn't?

ELIZABETH: I will call the police. When they are here you may feel perfectly free to tell them whatever you like.

McGUIRE: (getting angry, steps past her toward the window) Now Liz, you know you don't mean that!

ELIZABETH: (turns with him) Don't I? You seem to forget that man is a threat to my family. He is a violent man with no control! It has come to the point where I... I must stop thinking of myself.

McGUIRE: (turns and looks at her frankly) You're not bluffing, are you? I

ELIZABETH: I promise you I'm not.

McGUIRE: All right then. I make it $500 instead of $1000.

ELIZABETH: Not one cent!

McGUIRE: But Willie won't leave without the money! It will force us to call the police and that's something that neither of us really wants. Come on Liz. If $500 can resolve an untenable situation then give it to him and get it over with. It's a small price to pay for so great a convenience. Come now, you're a businesswoman. Think of it in terms of profit gained for money spent.

ELIZABETH: (thinks about this for a moment) $500?

McGUIRE: $500 cash. (raises finger)

ELIZABETH: And he will be gone?

McGUIRE: Gone and forgotten. Is it a deal?

ELIZABETH: (looks him up and down) I'll get the money. (starts out of the drawing room)

McGUIRE: You are being very sensible.

ELIZABETH: (pauses to look at him over her shoulders) Am I? (exits)

ACTION: We change views so that we are just outside the drawing room doors as Willie Loomis steps into the drawing room. He passes Elizabeth, who does not look at him or speak to him but we can see that he has a large shiner on his left cheek and his left eye is black and swollen. Willie has a cup of coffee and he smiles brightly at Elizabeth then turns to Jason.

ACTION: We change views to inside the drawing room as Jason turns to face him and Willie walks to the sofa.

LOOMIS: No respect for the wounded.

McGUIRE: Yes, well, I find it difficult to sympathize with such stupidity myself.

LOOMIS: (sits on the end closest to the doors) I was stupid?

McGUIRE: (steps to the opposite side of the table) Well now, you will have to agree that it was not a particularly intelligent thing for you to get involved in a public brawl.

LOOMIS: No. I should have done it privately with no one looking... just simply killed him. I probably still will.

McGUIRE: I'm afraid that you will lack the opportunity.

LOOMIS: (brooding, staring down the floor) I will find the opportunity.

McGUIRE: Liz Stoddard is giving me $500. You are to take it and get out of here as soon as possible.

LOOMIS: Hmm? Are you kidding? I'm not leaving here, not with a measly $500.

McGUIRE: Willie, $500 is not measly compared to what you have right now, which is exactly nothing.

LOOMIS: I mean, compared to what I came to get.

McGUIRE: Compared to what you might have gotten! (shouting, steps behind the sofa) If you had only behaved yourself!

LOOMIS: Nobody threatens me the way Devlin did.

McGUIRE: Mrs. Stoddard is irreversible on the subject. Either you take the money and leave here or she calls the police.

LOOMIS: Let her.

McGUIRE: Now, you know you don't mean that!

LOOMIS: I do. I know you can fix it so I can stay.


LOOMIS: If you really want to.

McGUIRE: I can't! You have made it IMPOSSIBLE! (hits the back of the sofa with his fist, walks away to the side table) Now the only thing to do is take the money and leave. It's the only thing to do under the circumstances.

ACTION: As Jason is speaking we change to an extreme close-up of Willie's cup and saucer, which he sets down on the table. Next to the saucer we see Elizabeth's large diamond pin. It looks to be about an inch and a half in length and about an inch tall. A large dark emerald adorns the center and it is surrounded by a wreath of diamonds which probably contains 40 to 50 stones. As Jason continues, we slowly pan up Willie's arm to his face and can see that he is staring at the pin.

McGUIRE: (off camera) I'll try to get you some more and send it on to you. Maybe I can fix it so you can come back. But right now the only thing to do is to clear out.

LOOMIS: (stands) Well maybe, maybe you are right.

McGUIRE: (meets him at the end of the sofa, surprised) You'll leave?

LOOMIS: Well, I guess I don't have any choice. You get me the $500 and I am as good as gone.

McGUIRE: Good. Well, you can start packing your things right now.

LOOMIS: In a minute.

McGUIRE: Now, Willie.

LOOMIS: Well, can't I just finish my coffee in here? You know I always liked this kind of room. (looks around the drawing room)

McGUIRE: You haven't the time to waste.

LOOMIS: Oh, I won't waste it. I'll be ready to go by the time you get the money.

ACTION: Jason steps back from him but it's clear that he doesn't trust him. Finally he turns and exits the room. Willie waits for him to go then reaches down and picks up Elizabeth's pin. We change to a close-up as he brings it up in front of his face to admire it. He wraps his hand around it and quickly turns to make sure that no one has seen him. We pull back with him into the foyer as he drops the pin into his shirt pocket behind his vest and goes upstairs to pack.

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Collinwood: Drawing Room: We start with a close-up of the items on the table in front of the sofa just to really emphasize that the pin is missing. We pan over to the sofa where David is laying full-length on his stomach and studying a textbook.

ACTION: After a moment we change views so that we are across the room from the sofa and catch Elizabeth as she enters the room, then pan with her as she walks over to the table and begins to look for her pin. When she doesn't find it on the table she begins to look on the floor beneath the table. This catches David's attention and he looks up at her. "Did you lose something?"

ELIZABETH: I'm, I'm not sure.

DAVID: Then what are you looking for?

ELIZABETH: Do you remember that emerald pin with a diamonds around it?

DAVID: Oh, the one that your great, great grandmother gave to you when you were 18?

ELIZABETH: That's the one. Have you seen it anywhere?

DAVID: No. (gets on his knees, looks beneath the sofa) The last time I saw it was when you wore it on your birthday.

ELIZABETH: Well, I had it on this morning but the clasp was broken. (steps back toward the door, looking at the floor)

DAVID: Do you mean it could have fallen off anywhere?

ELIZABETH: I don't think so. I, I seem to remember... (suddenly thinks of Willie, turns to David) Never mind, David. I think I know where it is. In fact I'm sure I do. (rushes out of the room)

DAVID: (watches her for a moment then shrugs)

ACTION: We dissolve to the study where Jason is standing at the bookshelves against the back wall with a book open and looking through it. He seems to be frustrated or bored. He returns that book to the shelf and pulls another one out. Satisfied with his selection, he walks back to sit in the leather chair nearest the fireplace. Elizabeth enters the room and walks around to lean on the back of the opposite chair. "May I have my pin please?"

McGUIRE: (puts book on table, stands to face her) I beg your pardon?

ELIZABETH: The pin that you retrieved so gallantly for me in the drawing room.

McGUIRE: But I gave it back to you.

ELIZABETH: And I put it on the table.

McGUIRE: Well then... it must still be there.

ELIZABETH: You know perfectly well that it isn't.

McGUIRE: Oh, come on now, Liz! You don't think I would do a silly thing like that?

ELIZABETH: Well, if you didn't then I am sure you know who did. I would like you to get it for me immediately.

McGUIRE: Are you sure it's not still there?

ELIZABETH: Positive. I should remind you that if it really is missing I must notify the insurance company immediately. They will send investigators out.

McGUIRE: Well, I doubt that will be necessary. (exits the room)

ELIZABETH: Please see that it isn't. (walks to the fireplace, turns and paces back toward us, rubbing hands together)

ACTION: We dissolve to the breakfast room, where we start with a close-up of the table at which Willie is seated. He has a cup of coffee and he is spooning sugar into it to the tune of four heaping tablespoons in a tiny porcelain cup. We pull back as he stirs the coffee and Jason steps into the room, closing the door after himself. He steps over and leans on the table and stares Willie in the eye.

LOOMIS: Well now, that was quick. Where is it?

McGUIRE: I was about to ask you the same question.

LOOMIS: What? I'm talking about the money.

McGUIRE: And I am talking about Mrs. Stoddard's pin.

LOOMIS: Mrs. Stoddard's pin?

McGUIRE: (close-up, nods) Now, you made one beautiful blunder last night by getting into that fight but the one you made just now tops them all!

LOOMIS: Well, I don't know what your talking about and neither do you.

McGUIRE: Stand up.

LOOMIS: I don't feel like standing up.

McGUIRE: (shouting, in no mood for this) I said stand up!

LOOMIS: What for? It's not time to go yet and besides, where is the five?

McGUIRE: (grabs him by the vest) Let me see what's in your pocket!

LOOMIS: What for?

McGUIRE: Give it to me!

LOOMIS: It is just an old keepsake.

McGUIRE: Then you won't mind handing it over!

LOOMIS: (pulls away from him, stands, walks to the opposite end of the table, places his hand over the pin beneath vest)

McGUIRE: (steps up behind him) Willie! I will count to five and then I will tell Mrs. Stoddard that I found that pin and when the police and the insurance investigators arrive they will know exactly where to look for it. One...

LOOMIS: You won't turn me in.

McGUIRE: Two...

LOOMIS: Because of the get me they get you too!

McGUIRE: There would be no need to get either of us if you hadn't been so stupid! (very angry, yanks chair out of way, steps up close behind him) Three!!!...

LOOMIS: I don't have it. I told you!

McGUIRE: FOUR!!!... I'm not fooling, Willie! I mean it!

ACTION: We can feel the tension between them as we slowly pull back and Willie carefully considers Jason's mood. Finally he acquiesces and pulls the pin out of his shirt pocket. Instead of handing it to Jason he holds it and admires it for a moment longer before Jason grabs it away from him. Jason holds the pin and looks at Willie with a mixture of anger and puzzlement. Willie turns and looks at the pin in Jason's hand and as he does so we get our first glimpse of the Willie to come. In a quiet voice he says. "I only wanted it because it was so pretty." It is clear from his attitude and inflection that he is sincere. When he is stripped of all his posturing we can see that this Willie is like a sensitive child.

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Collinwood: Breakfast Room: Jason and Willie are both still standing next to the table. Jason has Elizabeth's pin in his hand and it is clear that he does not really know Willie at all. Willie is quiet and subdued now.

McGUIRE: You wanted it because it is worth a fortune! (steps away to the greenhouse window) How can I get it through your head that there is a right way and a wrong way to get money? The wrong way is to... (gestures with the pin)... steal something that will be missed and reported within the next five minutes.

LOOMIS: I expected to be gone before she missed it.

McGUIRE: Even if you were the insurance investigators were sure to track you down. Willie, if you must steal something, steal something that won't be missed.

LOOMIS: (recovering now, joins him in front of the window, continues to look at beautiful pin) Well, if it won't be missed then maybe it's not worth stealing. (continues to look at the beautiful pin)

McGUIRE: Well, that is for you to decide but try to get it through your head that this was not your most brilliant move. I only hope that I can convince Mrs. Stoddard that you didn't take it. That I really did find it. All right... now get ready. You are leaving, remember?

LOOMIS: But... just... let me look at it just once more.

McGUIRE: Oh now, don't be ridiculous!

LOOMIS: Please.

McGUIRE: (frustrated, holds out his hand and opens it to expose the pin)

LOOMIS: (looks down at the pin and smiles, reaches out to touch it)

McGUIRE: (still misunderstanding, yanks his hand away) What are you trying to do?

LOOMIS: Let me just touch it.

McGUIRE: I've got to get it back to Mrs. Stoddard.

LOOMIS: Please, just let me touch it. (nodding)

ACTION: Jason seems to realize his mood for the first time so he opens his hand and holds out the pin. Smiling like an eight-year-old, Willie carefully reaches out and touches it. Jason looks back and forth between the pin and Willie as though he can't believe his eyes until finally he has had enough and pulls it away. Willie leaves his hand extended in the air in front of him and closes his eyes as he sighs. "Oh! They are so pretty... jewels are."

ACTION: Unable to stand any more of this, Jason quickly exits the room. Willie doesn't move but brings his thumb and forefinger together as though still feeling the pin in his mind. "Sometimes you can tell how pretty they are just by touching them. You don't even have to see them. You know just by touching them... how beautiful they are." He makes a fist out of his hand and brings his other hand up to clasp it as he turns away from us, frustrated. Perhaps in this moment, seeing how attracted he is to beautiful things and how frustrated he becomes when his bumbling attempts fail, we can forgive him slightly for his rough-shod manner with beautiful women. We have here the soul of an artist wrapped in a persona which can never express it and all of this couched in a mind which has never had the opportunity to grow. He is a frightened child, socially inept and unable to cope with authority, who hides his fear behind bravado and blustering innuendo.

ACTION: Suddenly Willie gets an idea and turns back toward us with a determined light in his eyes. He quickly turns to look at the door then crosses the room and exits. He has set off now down a dangerous path that will lead him to uncover a dangerous secret which will change his life forever and embroil him in our story almost to the end of the series.

ACTION: We dissolve to the drawing room as Jason steps through the doors and closes them behind himself. With the pin in his right hand he quickly looks around the room for a likely spot to hide it. He kneels down and places it under one of the table legs just as Elizabeth steps into the room. She walks over to the end of the sofa and he smiles up at her. "Well now you suggested that I look for it here."

ELIZABETH: I also suggested that it would be a waste of time. You know perfectly well where that pin is.

McGUIRE: (pretends to search around under the table, pretends to find the pin, brings it out from where he hid it) Ah! (holds it up for Elizabeth to see) Here it is! I told you it was probably right here.

ELIZABETH: You put it there!

McGUIRE: Why nonsense, it was probably right here all the time.

ELIZABETH: David looked and so did I and it wasn't there.

McGUIRE: Well then, perhaps I have the sharpest eyes. (smiles broadly, hands it back to her) Well, there you are, Liz. Safe and sound. Only I suggest that you get the clasp fixed.

ELIZABETH: I will... after I have called the police.

McGUIRE: What are you talking about? You have got the pin back!

ELIZABETH: Yes but it was stolen and we both know who stole it. I have had enough Jason! More than enough! (steps to the side table with the phone)

McGUIRE: (rushes to join her) Oh now, well, Liz... now, we mustn't let our feelings get out of hand.

ELIZABETH: (turns and steps around the end of the sofa to the fireplace) Fighting! Stealing! Bribery! I won't be involved in this kind of life any more!

McGUIRE: (speaks from off camera) Well, what kind of life would you like to be involved with, Elizabeth? Prison is a far from pleasant place.

ELIZABETH: The world is a far from pleasant place! (walks along the front of the sofa) I have been locked up here for 18 years!

McGUIRE: (hasn't moved, comes into view) Well, it isn't quite the same thing!

ELIZABETH: But there's not that much difference.

McGUIRE: All right... (steps to her side)... all right... you have no fear of what might happen to you, but what about your daughter and your nephew? Carolyn and David?

ELIZABETH: What about them?

McGUIRE: What about the scandal Liz? What about the Collins name! (spits that out) Of which you are so defiantly proud!

ELIZABETH: (sinks down in the chair closest to the window) I can't go on living this kind of life!

McGUIRE: You don't have to! (kneels down in front of her) Now Liz... once Willie is gone everything will be so much better. Now please, don't do anything that might detain him. It might make matters much too complicated. I'm not asking for myself you know or Willie... I'm asking for you Liz. (smiles at her)

ELIZABETH: (close-up, staring at him)

McGUIRE: (off camera) I would hate to see anything unsettling happened to you. You know that, don't you?

ELIZABETH: (leans as far away from him as she can then turns and faces back toward the window)

McGUIRE: (looks over her shoulder) Don't you?

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Collinwood: Study: We are located behind the desk at the back of the room. David leads Willie in then pauses near the door to speak to him.

DAVID: Do you really want to see the pictures of my ancestors?

LOOMIS: You said you would show them to me. (closes the door behind him)

DAVID: Okay. (walks to the bookshelves at the back of the room, points to the top shelf) Would you get that book down for me?

LOOMIS: (reaches up and touches a book) Oh, this one up here?

DAVID: Yes. (steps to the desk)

LOOMIS: (gets down a big volume) No trouble at all.

DAVID: (sits at the desk, opens the volume) Those are the old ones... the earliest members of the Collins family.

LOOMIS: (pulls up a chair and joins him at the desk)

DAVID: Do you know that they are not even photographs. I mean they are portraits that we had photographed for the album.

LOOMIS: Well, you really go far back, don't you?

DAVID: (opens the book) Well, only to the 17th century in this country... but you can't go back any further unless you want to trace into Europe.

LOOMIS: Your family was even important back in Europe?

DAVID: Yes. Some... in France and England. (turns pages, points to portrait) Now this is my great, great, great, great-grandmother, Abigail Collins.

ACTION: We change to an extreme close-up of the pictures he is showing Willie then pan up into a close-up of Willie, who is studying them. "Wow, she certainly looks like some lady!" David starts to turn the page when Willie stops him and points to the picture. "Boy that is quite some necklace she is wearing."

DAVID: I almost forgot to tell you that.


DAVID: Well, that necklace was supposed to have been given to her by her husband but there is a story that says it was given to her by pirates along with other jewels.

LOOMIS: (nods)

DAVID: (turns the page, points to a picture) Now here is my great, great, great uncle on the Collins side.

LOOMIS: Wait a minute. Whatever happened to all of those jewels?

DAVID: I don't know.

LOOMIS: Do you mean that they have been sold or lost or...

DAVID: Not sold. The Collins family would never do anything like that.

LOOMIS: What do you mean?

DAVID: Well, they feel that jewels are private and that they mean more than money. So they pass them along from generation to generation.

LOOMIS: So you have still got all of the family jewels from the beginning, huh?

DAVID: Well, not all of them.

LOOMIS: Well what happened then?

DAVID: Well, I don't know. I've never really bothered to find out. There's only one thing that I did hear.

LOOMIS: What's that?

DAVID: Well, some of my ancestors... (points to another picture)... her, well, she... it's stupid! It's kinda funny but the story is that, that she had all her jewels buried with her.

ACTION: There is a mood change in the entire scene now as a lone tympani begins to pound a somber tone. We had pulled back as David turned the pages but now we move a bit closer to them as David and Willie stare at each other in silence. Finally, Willie nods his head. "Buried with her?"

DAVID: Yes. Isn't that stupid?

LOOMIS: (continues to nod) Buried here in Collinsport?

DAVID: I think so. But I'm not sure. (turns the page and points to another picture) Now, this is my great, great grand uncle. He gave away all his things and went to be a missionary.

LOOMIS: (slow zoom to close-up, not listening)

DAVID: (off camera) I always liked him the best.

LOOMIS: Yes I'm... I'm sure. (looking off and the empty space, thinking)

ACTION: Without a break in the music we cut to an extreme close-up of the portrait of Barnabas in the foyer. We can see only his right hand, the silver wolf's head cane and the large ring on his index finger. We slowly pan over to the medallion which is hung around his neck on a ribbon then continue to pan to bring his coat pocket into view where a large medal is attached. We pull back to bring the entire portrait into view then change views so that we are looking along the wall as Willie steps past the foot of the stairs and walks over to admire it. He stands in front of the portrait then reaches out to touch the medallion on the ribbon. We change to an extreme close-up of him as he thinks to himself. "They are so pretty... jewels are." He smiles and continues to stare at the painting. "Sometimes you can tell how pretty they are just by touching them. You don't even have to see them. You know just by touching them... how beautiful they are." He moves his finger over and touches the medal on the coat pocket."

ACTION: Gradually the Amazon jungle music in the soundtrack grows softer and softer until suddenly we hear a heartbeat sound very low. It grows louder and louder as we change back to a close-up of Willie and it is clear that he has also heard it. He looks around a bit then focuses on the portrait and realizes that the heartbeat is coming from there. He pulls his hand away and we zoom in for a close-up of Barnabas' face with its look of impatient disdain. As the heartbeat grows louder the eyes in the portrait begin to glow and flicker. We change back to a close-up of Willie, who is staring at the portrait and is becoming more and more frightened.

Fade to black: Roll ending credits...