Dark Shadows COL July 21, 2005
EPISODE 349 October 26, 1967
SciFi No. 139 (Last aired 02-08-02)
Narrator: Alexandra Moltke
Timeline: 1967

Cast: Barnabas Collins... Jonathan Frid
Dr.Julia Hoffman... Grayson Hall
Joe Haskell... Joel Crothers
Carolyn Stoddard... Nancy Barrett
Victoria Winters... Alexandra Moltke
Blue Whale bartender & Patrons

Production: Taped October 20, 1967
Special Make-up: Dick Smith, S,M.A.
Fashions Courtesy of Ohrbach's
Series created by: Dan Curtis
Story Created by: Art Wallace
Producer: Robert Costello
Director: Lela Swift
Writer: Ron Sproat
1966(c) Dan Curtis Productions <Yes it said 1966>

- Because he made Julia speed up his treatments, Barnabas had reaped all the 200 years of his life and now looks his actual age. He blames her and decides that he must revert to his vampire nature and take new blood to restore himself. Julia says he should take Vicki's blood. At the Blue Whale, Carolyn tries to get Joe to take her to the Collins Mausoleum to check David's story. He refuses so she tells Vicki of her doubts about Barnabas. Julia's words prompt Barnabas to go to Vicki's room but he can't bring himself to take her. Carolyn interrupts him and as he reverts to a bat, both girls see the huge flapping form outside the window.

Blow by Blow Narrative 349 by David M. Martin
As accurate as I can make it. Rendered
from an MPI-produced VHS recording.
Some small errors are inevitable.
<My comments in angle brackets>

VOICEOVER: (Alexandra Moltke) A single star is visible over Collinwood, seeming like a cold lonely light that exists in a void unto itself. Few men can know such isolation but there is one who has, one who has hoped his isolation might be ended, only to have that hope destroyed; and desperation and terror will follow in its wake.

SCENE: Collinwood Exterior at Night: Dissolve the Old House Exterior at Night: Dissolve to Drawing Room: We start with an extreme close-up of the portrait of Barnabas over the fireplace, then pull back as Julia steps into the room and crosses to the opposite side of the fireplace. She is gasping and holding her collar around her throat. Presently an ancient man steps into the room after her. His shoulders are hunched. His hair is pure white. Though we have not yet seen his face, it is clear from Julia's reaction that this is Barnabas. When he speaks, all doubt is dispelled, and we change to an extreme close-up of his face.

<This is an extraordinary makeup job, better than any other television series from the era.>

BARNABAS: Why did you run from me?

JULIA: (off camera) I...

BARNABAS: (approaches her) What's the matter with you? Why did you scream when you looked at me?

JULIA: Oh Barnabas!

BARNABAS: Answer me!

JULIA: Don't, don't you know?

BARNABAS: Know what?

JULIA: The, the experiment...

BARNABAS: Something went wrong!


BARNABAS: Well, what happened?

JULIA: The, the dosage you insisted on was too powerful!

BARNABAS: What about it?

JULIA: You... your... your face!

BARNABAS: What about it!? (grabs her around the throat)

JULIA: (pulls away from him, gasping)

BARNABAS: (brings both hands up to feel his face, looks down) Oh No! Oh Noooooooooooo!!!!

TITLES: ...la de daaaa de da da deeee di daaaaa...

SCENE: Old House: Drawing Room: We start with a close-up of the ancient face that Barnabas now inhabits. We pull back toward the foyer arch as he turns and stumbles away from us and toward Julia, who is now seated in the chair to the left of the fireplace. He leans heavily on his cane as he steps up to the chair and glares down at her.

BARNABAS: You did this to me! You!


BARNABAS: You turned me into something so grotesque that anyone who looks at me would fear me and loathe me.

JULIA: Barnabas!

BARNABAS: Is this your revenge?

JULIA: Revenge? For what?

BARNABAS: For refusing to let our relationship become all that you hoped it would be.

JULIA: That... that is ridiculous!

BARNABAS: Then why did it happen?

JULIA: Well I, I, I warned you against taking the massive dosage. If you had let me progress at my own rate of speed, with proper controls, then...

BARNABAS: The same thing would have happened!

JULIA: Not necessarily.

BARNABAS: Forgive me, Doctor, but I no longer have any faith in your ability.

JULIA: I, I may be able to counteract this... if you will give me time.

BARNABAS: Time... I have no time! (walks away to the candelabra near the foyer arch) The years have already pressed in upon me and every passing moment brings me one step closer to the moment of my death.

JULIA: (stands, looks at him with pity)

BARNABAS: Strange... it never occurred to me that being human would make me be, the man I was... a man who would have been long dead by now.

JULIA: (shakes head)

BARNABAS: (turns to her) You never thought of it yourself, did you?

JULIA: (silent, looks down)

BARNABAS: No, of course not! The clever Doctor Hoffman... you were so busy planning a rosy future for me that you never stopped to think about the obvious.

JULIA: (steps up in front of him) I, I still think I can help you.

BARNABAS: No. You've done what you can. (steps around her, walks toward the bookshelves) I no longer need you. From now on I will decide what's to be done.

JULIA: (follows him) Well what, what are you going to do?

BARNABAS: I must save myself.

JULIA: What do you mean?

BARNABAS: You know the answer to that!

JULIA: You mean revert?


JULIA: (gasps, steps back from him) No! Then you'll go on destroying. Every time you do I'll be partially responsible.

BARNABAS: Yes. Now, there's something you must do. Go to Collinwood and tell Vicki that I will not be able to meet her.

JULIA: (strange time to gloat) You'll have to forego an appointment with Vicki. That must be a bitter pill to swallow.

BARNABAS: Spare me the sarcasm, Doctor, now go!

JULIA: All right. (starts to exit the house)

BARNABAS: (follows her into the foyer) Oh... one other thing.

JULIA: Yes, what is it?

BARNABAS: Give Vicki this message. Tell her that I have to leave town and I won't be back for awhile.

JULIA: I'll tell her. (turns and opens the door)

VICKI: (steps into the doorway) You won't have to tell me.

JULIA: Vicki!

VICKI: I'm sorry if I startled you.

JULIA: Oh, that's, that's all right.

ACTION: We pull back into the drawing room as Barnabas walks as rapidly is he is able to the chair to the right of the fireplace. With some difficulty he pulls the chair out and spins it around so that the back is toward the foyer. Vicki and Julia continue to speak off camera.

VICKI: (off camera in foyer) I was walking up and I heard you talking. I hope you don't mind my overhearing.

JULIA: (off camera) I, I see.

VICKI: Where is Barnabas going?

JULIA: Away... on a business trip.

BARNABAS: (sits in the chair and slouches down so that he is not visible toward the foyer arch)

VICKI: Oh, for how long will he be gone?

JULIA: I'm, I'm not certain.

ACTION: Vicki steps around Julia and walks toward the foyer arch. "Barnabas?" Julia quickly reaches out and tries to stop her but she is already beneath the arch.

VICKI: I'm sorry that you have to go away.

JULIA: (steps up next to her, touches her shoulder) Vicki...


JULIA: Don't, don't go in there.

VICKI: Why not?

JULIA: Well, he, he isn't feeling well.

ACTION: We change views so that we are once again located in front of the chair in which Barnabas is seated with his back turned and hidden from the ladies.

BARNABAS: No, Vicki, I, I am not feeling well at all.

VICKI: I'm so sorry to hear that. What's wrong?

BARNABAS: It's nothing serious. Really, but I don't want to expose you to it. I think, perhaps, that we had better cancel our appointment for tonight.

VICKI: Oh... well, is there anything that I can do? (two-shot with Julia)

BARNABAS: (off camera) No, thank you, but you had better just go back to Collinwood.

JULIA: It, it would be best, Vicki.

VICKI: All right. But Barnabas...

BARNABAS: (still invisible behind chair) Yes?

VICKI: Do you really think that you should go on your business trip if you're not feeling well?

BARNABAS: It's not serious. I, I... I'll be fine.

VICKI: But what if it is serious?

BARNABAS: (getting frantic, almost shouting) But it isn't! Please Vicki, you'd better leave.

JULIA: He is right, Vicki, I'll, I'll stay here and see that he gets everything he needs.

VICKI: (close-up, blinking, thinking) Well... all right.

BARNABAS: Good night Vicki.

VICKI: Good night Barnabas. (exits the house)

JULIA: (escorts her to the door, closes it after her)

BARNABAS: (cut to close-up, leans forward, buries face in withered hands)

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Old House: Foyer: Julia is still standing at the closed door. We change views to the drawing room as she walks back to where Barnabas is still seated in the chair with the back turned toward the foyer. She steps around in front of him. "That was close."

BARNABAS: Why did you let her in?

JULIA: I couldn't help it! She was standing at the door when I opened it. She heard your voice.

BARNABAS: If she had seen me, she would have run from the house terrified. In her eyes I would have been loathsome to her.

JULIA: (practically dripping venom) In her eyes! Yes!

BARNABAS: (stands, circles to the back of the chair, leans on it) I must act... (removes cane from back of chair)... before anyone sees me this way.

JULIA: Well, if anyone did see you, they wouldn't recognize you.

BARNABAS: Have I altered that much? (touches face)

JULIA: You bear very little resemblance to the person anyone knew. Only your voice is the same.

BARNABAS: To think that all your noble experiments have come to this. You gave me hope, Doctor, hope that I could live as a man among other men. I'll never forgive you for this.

JULIA: Vicki can still be yours.



BARNABAS: (close-up, turns as quickly as he can to face her) What do you mean?

JULIA: (being sly and thoughtful, steps away from him toward the foyer arch) Well... you say that you must revert to what you were in order to survive. (folds arms over chest, stares at the ceiling) Perhaps you're right.

BARNABAS: Well, what about it?

JULIA: Use Vicki as the instrument of your reverting. (smiles wickedly)


JULIA: (shrugs) Why not? Then she would be under your power. That's what you want, isn't it?

BARNABAS: I won't have her that way. She must come to me willingly, as Josette.

JULIA: And if that's never happens?

BARNABAS: (walks to the candelabra near the foyer arch) All Vicki needs is time to forget Devlin... and then she will come to me and want to be my bride, my Josette.

JULIA: (follows him) Perhaps it would be wiser to be more realistic. If you want Vicki so much, perhaps you should get her in any way you can.

BARNABAS: You only say that so she will not come to me willingly. You don't want her to be my Josette.

JULIA: That's not true. I'm thinking of you. You have a need. Use her to fulfill that need!

BARNABAS: I can't! I can't! I couldn't... not to her!

JULIA: (smiles behind him) You say that but you know you're tempted... very tempted.

BARNABAS: (slow zoom to extreme close-up, thinking)

SCENE: Collinwood: Vicki's Bedroom: We dissolve from the close-up of Barnabas to a shot of the bedroom, where we are located near the desk on the far side of the bed from the door. We are looking diagonally across the bed at the door as Vicki steps into the room. We change views so that we are near the head of the bed as she walks around the foot and turns on the lamp on the table near the window. She hangs up her coat in the armoire to the right of the window then steps around the foot of her bed and sits on it.

ACTION: She pulls back the covers, removes the pillow and leans against the headboard, then pulls her feet up onto the bed and scrunches down against the pillow. There is a knock on her door and she sits up before calling out. "Come in." We pull back from the bed as Carolyn steps into the room and closes the door behind herself. She walks over to the bed and leans on it. "Vicki, I'm glad you're back. I have to go out and I didn't want to leave David alone."

VICKI: Where are you going?

CAROLYN: (sits on the opposite side of the bed) To the Blue Whale. I've, I've asked Joe to meet me. There is something that I want to discuss with him.

VICKI: Oh... is David asleep?


VICKI: Carolyn, were there any phone calls?

CAROLYN: (glances down, sad, shakes head) No. The phone hasn't rung once.

VICKI: I have got to stop waiting for that call. I know it will come when I'm least expecting it. Then they will tell me that Burke is well and safe.

CAROLYN: Yes. But you're right Vicki, you should stop watching that phone every minute... for your own sake.

VICKI: Burke is alive, Carolyn. I know he is. I know it!

CAROLYN: (close-up, doesn't believe it, circles the foot of the bed, steps up next to her) Where is Barnabas? I thought he was coming back with you to look at the west wing.

VICKI: Oh he, he was but he is sick.

CAROLYN: What's the matter with him?

VICKI: I don't know. He said it wasn't anything serious but he was acting very strangely.

CAROLYN: Strangely? How?

VICKI: Well, I can't really describe it. He said he was going away for a few days.


VICKI: On business. (steps around her toward the desk) You know something, Carolyn?

CAROLYN: What's that? (turns with her)

VICKI: I wish he didn't have to go. I'm going to miss him.

CAROLYN: (steps closer to her) Are you?

VICKI: Yes. (turns and looks at her over her shoulder) Oh, he has been such a good friend to me since this has happened. He has been as much of a comfort to me as you and your mother have been.

CAROLYN: Vicki, I know you have grown very fond of Barnabas.

VICKI: It's more than that. I've come to rely on him, upon his kindness and his strength. I didn't realize how much I had come to rely on him until tonight.

SCENE: Old House: Drawing Room: Barnabas is still standing at the candelabra near the foyer arch and Julia is standing directly behind him. We cut instantly to this shot after Vicki says how much she relies upon Barnabas.

JULIA: You can have her, Barnabas. She can be yours.

BARNABAS: Stop it!

JULIA: Her blood in your veins... her youth... yours!

BARNABAS: (getting angry) I said stop it! (steps around her to the chair to the right of the fireplace) Now go, and leave me alone!

JULIA: (steps up behind him) All right... but you'll think about what I said and you'll realize that I'm right. Vicki may never come to you of her own free will... but you want her and you would be a fool not to get her, now! Tonight!

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Collinsport: Blue Whale Tavern: We start with a view of the harbor just outside the tavern then zoom in on it as we hear the sound of the jukebox playing its standard song. After a moment we dissolve to a close-up of the life preserver with the name of the tavern. From this we dissolve to another life preserver hanging inside then pull back to reveal Joe and Carolyn seated at a table very near the entry platform. The bartender delivers their drinks.

JOE: Oh, thank you. (turns to Carolyn) All right... what's on your mind, dear?

CAROLYN: I saw her, Joe.

JOE: Who?

CAROLYN: Sarah, that little girl that David has been talking about. I saw her and she was real... or at least she seemed real.

JOE: When did this happen?

CAROLYN: Yesterday. She, she appeared in my room.

JOE: She appeared?

CAROLYN: Yes. (close-up, glances at him, frowns) But don't say it was my imagination because it wasn't. She was real... as real as you or I!

JOE: Well, I'm not going to say she doesn't exist because too many people claim to have seen her: Maggie, Sam, Vicki, David... and now you. (laughs) You can't all be imagining things.

CAROLYN: We're not. She does exist. I, I, I even talked to her.

JOE: What did she say?

CAROLYN: Well, she begged me to stop David from being sent away but... but that part of it doesn't matter. The point is that she does exist. David did not imagine her.

JOE: Maybe he didn't.

CAROLYN: Well... if she wasn't his imagination then maybe all those other things we've been talking about are real too.

JOE: (close-up, brings hand up to chin, smiles in spite of himself) You mean like seeing a coffin in Barnabas Collins' basement?

CAROLYN: Yes! It's possible that he really did see something there.

JOE: Oh... come on now, Carolyn.

CAROLYN: I'm just saying it's possible.

JOE: It's not possible. Now Burke and Doctor Woodard already checked that story out. There was nothing in that basement, nothing at all.

CAROLYN: I know.

JOE: And what about David's claim about being attacked by a giant bat? Or his idea that Barnabas Collins was out to kill him. You don't believe those things, do you?

CAROLYN: I know they sound far-fetched.

JOE: More than far-fetched... they are incredible.

CAROLYN: So is the existence of Sarah.

JOE: (silent for a moment, nods) All right, what are you trying to say?

CAROLYN: I, I want you to do something for me.

JOE: What's that?

CAROLYN: I want you to go to Eagle Hill cemetery with me.

JOE: Eagle Hill cemetery? What for?

CAROLYN: Well, David claims that there is a secret room in the Collins mausoleum. I want to know if such a room exists or if David imagined it.

JOE: But Burke and Doctor Woodard went out to the cemetery and examined that mausoleum and there was no secret room.

CAROLYN: I know they didn't find anything.

JOE: What makes you think we will?

CAROLYN: Well, maybe we wouldn't but I'd like to double-check David's story.

JOE: (laughs, rubs face) Carolyn! I'm not about to take you out to a cemetery in the middle of the night.

CAROLYN: But, but it's for David.

JOE: Come on now... you don't really believe these wild claims he's been making about Barnabas Collins, your own cousin?

CAROLYN: I want to believe that David is telling the truth.

JOE: Well, so do I. Maybe he thinks he is. Look, it's got to be his imagination.

CAROLYN: He was not imagining Sarah!

JOE: Well, maybe not, but what's the connection with Barnabas Collins?

CAROLYN: I don't know. But there may be a connection.

JOE: Look, Carolyn, for your own sake, forget this. Now, the danger is all over. Willie Loomis has been caught and put away and I think the best thing for you to do is just to forget that any of this happened.

CAROLYN: Joe, please!

JOE: You don't really believe that there's something... sinister about Barnabas Collins, do you?

CAROLYN: (shrugs, reluctant to admit this) No...

JOE: All right then, you've got to chalk up everything that David says to the imagination of a kid. That's all it is. That's all it could be.

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Collinwood: Vicki's Bedroom: Vicki is now dressed for sleep and seated on the bed, combing her hair. There's a knock on the door behind her and she calls out, "Come in." Carolyn steps into the room and walks around to the foot of the bed.

CAROLYN: Vicki, I'm glad you're still up.

VICKI: Did you have a good time?

CAROLYN: I, I guess so. (sits next to her on the bed) Vicki, I have a confession to make.

VICKI: What is it?

CAROLYN: I've had some doubts about Barnabas.

VICKI: Doubts?

CAROLYN: Yes, because of what David has been saying about him. I'm beginning to wonder if some of it might not be true.

VICKI: But it's not true. Barnabas wouldn't hurt David. You know that.

CAROLYN: I know it seems unlikely but David was right about Sarah. I thought he might be right about Barnabas too.

VICKI: Well, he isn't right. All of those things that David has said about Barnabas were just imagination. So forget about your doubts. He doesn't deserve them.

CAROLYN: Maybe not... (still not convinced)

VICKI: He doesn't, Carolyn, believe me, he doesn't.

CAROLYN: (nods) I, I, I believe you, Vicki. (stands, heads for the door) Well, it's getting late. I'd better get to bed. Good night.

VICKI: Good night. (zoom to close-up,)

SCENE: Old House: Drawing Room: We dissolve from the close-up of Vicki to a close-up of the portrait of Barnabas over the fireplace. We pull back to reveal a much different Barnabas standing in front of the fireplace. He paces across the room to the foyer arch as we pull back with him. He turns and walks back for the fireplace, leaning heavily on his silver wolf's-head cane.

ACTION: He continues to pace back and forth... forth and back... Julia's words are gnawing at him. He knows he wants Vicki and all of his doubt is mounting and trying to force him into action that he does not want to take. Finally he seems to come to a decision and pauses to turn back slowly and stare at the portrait of his youth. We zoom in for an extreme close-up as he slowly turns and hears Julia's words in his mind. "Vicki may never come to you of her own free will. You want her and you would be a fool not to get her, now, tonight!"

ACTION: That seems to decide him. He steps past us and walks over to put on his coat. He has decided to take action.

SCENE: Collinwood: Vicki's Bedroom: Vicki is in bed and seems to be sleeping. Suddenly we hear the squeaking of a bat just outside of her window. We change views and can see the silhouette of a bat flapping its wings.

ACTION: We change back to a view of Vicki in bed and zoom in on her sleeping face as the bat continues squeaking. Finally the squeaking stops and we cut back to the window where Barnabas is standing and leaning on his cane. He slowly walks to the bed and stares down at his intended victim.

ACTION: We zoom in for a close-up of him as he stares down at the innocent Vicki then cut to an extreme close-up of her peaceful, sleeping face. We change back to the close-up of Barnabas as he thinks to himself. "She is so lovely... so innocent. I can't do it. I can't." He slowly shakes his head with such a look of sadness that we know his heart is breaking.

ACTION: Suddenly we hear the voice of Carolyn calling out to Vicki from outside the room. "Vicki!" Barnabas straightens up and looks toward the door. We change views to the hallway outside Vicki's room as Carolyn, dressed in a nightgown, rushes up and knocks on the door. "Vicki!" When there is no answer, she barges into the room. We change views to the bedroom, where we are located near the foot of the bed. Carolyn runs around in front of us as Vicki is waking up. Barnabas is nowhere to be seen. Vicki sits up and rubs asleep from her eyes. "What is it?"

CAROLYN: You, you were asleep?

VICKI: (laughs) Yes.

CAROLYN: Oh, I thought I heard something. I was probably mistaken.

VICKI: (nods at her) You must have been. It's very late and everyone is asleep.

CAROLYN: I, I know. I'm sorry, I will too.

VICKI: That's all right.

CAROLYN: Well, you go back to sleep. I'll...

ACTION: She suddenly breaks off and we hear the squeaking of the bat. Both she and Vicki turn and look at the window. Carolyn gasps then screams and backs away from it. Vicki gets up on her knees to get a better look. Carolyn covers her mouth with her hand. "Look! At the window!"

ACTION: We change views to the window where we can see Barnabas, the bat, hovering just outside in silhouette. Carolyn exclaims from off camera. "A bat! A giant bat!" We zoom in closer and closer to the shadow of the bat at the window.

Fade to black: Roll ending credits...