Dark Shadows COL August 1, 2002
EPISODE 587 September 24, 1968
SciFi Number 374
Narrator: Kathryn Leigh Scott
Timeline: 1968

Cast:Nicholas Blair Humbert Allen Astredo
Barnabas Collins Jonathan Frid
Willie Loomis John Karlen
Adam Robert Rodan
Maggie Evans Kathryn Leigh Scott

- Barnabas objects to Carolyn being used as the life force. Maggie tries to escape from Willie, but he catches her. Nicholas uses his influence to make Willie release Maggie. Maggie remembers more about what happened to her when Barnabas held her captive.

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Blow by Blow Narrative 587 by David M. Martin
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VOICEOVER: A cloudy windless night and those who sleep in the great house of Collinwood do not dream that their lives are in danger but two men know. Now, in an old house on the estate, they meet and 1 to six months ago did not even know his name is now giving the orders.

SCENE: Collinwood Exterior at Night: Dissolve to Old House Exterior Then on to the Drawing Room: Adam is sitting in a wingback chair near the fireplace playing solitaire on a small circular table. Barnabas is seated facing him in the other wingback chair...

ADAM: I will make it easy for you. You prepare to bring my mate to life tomorrow night. That is agreeable?

BARNABAS: Then you know where Maggie is?

ADAM: We won't be using her.

BARNABAS: But we need a life force.

ADAM: (still playing solitaire, very calm) Yes, and we will have one.


ADAM: You don't need to know that now.

BARNABAS: (explodes up out of his chair) You can't expect us to use a perfect stranger who make talk! (circles the table and stands beside Adam)

ADAM: It isn't a stranger.

BARNABAS: It isn't? Then tell me.

ADAM: It doesn't matter if you know or if you don't.

BARNABAS: But I want to know. Now tell me who it is.

ADAM: (stops playing, slaps table with cards, leans back, looks up at Barnabas) The only woman I want to bring that body alive... (we zoom in on him as he leans back in his chair watching Barnabas)... the woman I want my wife to be like, is Carolyn Stoddard.

BARNABAS: (we zoom in on his expression which is hard to decipher: shock, puzzlement, anger?)

TITLES: ...la de daaaa de da da deeee di daaaaa...

SCENE: Old House: Drawing Room: Adam has just shocked Barnabas by telling him that they would use Carolyn Stoddard to supply the life force for his mate.

BARNABAS: Oh no, we couldn't possibly use her Adam. (turns his back and steps away from Adam) That is impossible I'm afraid. I could never ask her to do that.

ADAM: You won't have to do that.

BARNABAS: (turns back to face him) You're going to? If you are I'm afraid that you have overestimated your influence. (walks around the chair in which Adam is sitting and stands near the fireplace leaning on the back of the chair) Adam, I will be perfectly frank with you...

ADAM: There is no reason to be. We are using Carolyn Stoddard.

BARNABAS: Now, will you listen to me. I have considered the question of who is to be the life force very carefully.

ADAM: (starts to stand up) Barnabas...

BARNABAS: Now wait. (circles back around Adam's chair and faces him) I finally decided on Maggie Evans. For one reason she lives alone and no one would miss her if she were missing for several days. But most importantly she can be controlled. Now Dr. Hoffman has hypnotized her before and she can do it again. Maggie will have no memory. To me that seems vital.

ADAM: Carolyn will not talk.

BARNABAS: But Carolyn cannot be missing for a length of time.

ADAM: It can be arranged.

BARNABAS: Adam, if you have all this affection for Carolyn surely you cannot go through with it. It would be too dangerous.

ADAM: How would it be dangerous?

BARNABAS: (walks back over and sits in the opposite chair) Well, if the experiment is conducted exactly as Lang specified, whoever gives the life force will die.

ADAM: You mean that you were willing to die to bring me to life?

BARNABAS: According to Lang's theory I was to live in you. You were to think as I do, live as I do, in effect you would have been me.

ADAM: No one ever told me that before.

BARNABAS: No one had occasion to.

ADAM: I would have thought what you thought? <<Oh God help me please no no please help me oh God, no! No. And you'd like it too.>> I find that hard to believe. I can't even understand you now. (gets up and walks over to the mantle) I would have lived in this house?

BARNABAS: Yes. It was all arranged. My relatives were all set to accept you as my cousin.

ADAM: How could you hate yourself so much to have wanted to change your body?

BARNABAS: Well there is no need to go into all that now it is past history. The problem at hand is Carolyn.

ADAM: (steps over to Barnabas' chair) But, you did not die.

BARNABAS: No. Because Julia did not follow through with the experiment as Lang had specified.

ADAM: And she knows what she did?


ADAM: Then there is no problem, she will do it again.

BARNABAS: (stands up steps over into the drawing room and turns to face Adam) Adam, it is not that simple. If you care about Carolyn...

ADAM: It cannot be changed now. (steps around Barnabas over toward the drawing room doors)

BARNABAS: You have already spoken with her?


BARNABAS: But if you do and tell her all of this, what if she refuses?

ADAM: She will not.

BARNABAS: But you cannot be sure. What if she does refuse? What is to stop her from talking?

ADAM: She will not Barnabas.

BARNABAS: So, you are willing to sacrifice her?

ADAM: As you are willing to sacrifice Maggie. (points at Barnabas) Using Carolyn, you and Dr. Hoffman will be even more careful! That is good. (returns to his chair and resumes his solitaire game)

BARNABAS: (steps back around table to address Adam) Adam, if I were to have Maggie here tomorrow...

ADAM: How can you? You don't even know where she is.

BARNABAS: She is with Willie. I am sure of that.

ADAM: Well Willie won't tell you will he?

BARNABAS: I will find out.

ADAM: (sits back in his chair looking up at Barnabas) You know Barnabas, I remember a day when you controlled both Willie and me. We did anything you wanted. It wasn't long ago. We will use Carolyn. Maggie Evans can stay wherever she is.

ACTION: We zoom in on the card table and dissolve to a close-up of a coffin...

SCENE: Eagle Hill Cemetery: Collins Mausoleum: Secret Room: We start with a tight shot of the coffin in the center of the room then pan to the left to reveal Maggie Evans asleep or unconscious on the floor. We pan up to reveal Willie Loomis standing near the doorway to the secret room. He is thinking to himself... "If I stay here and watch her all the time how am I going to know when it is safe to let her go? Where am I going to get food? I can't go to the old house. I guess I can go into town." He walks over and leans on the coffin then kneels to check on Maggie. Convinced that she is okay, he walks over to the stairs leading up to the secret door. Kneeling, he pushes the left end of the second step to the left and a secret compartment is opened. He reaches inside and pulls a lever which unlatches and opens the secret door above. He closes the stair compartment and walks out into the mausoleum leaving Maggie where she lay on the floor. We change views to outside in the mausoleum as he comes up the stairs and out the secret door beneath the lions's head. He walks over to the gate looking out to be sure that the coast is clear. Back inside the secret room Maggie wakes up. She looks around the room and realizes that Willie is gone and that the secret door is opened. Looking through the secret door she can see Willie standing on the other side of the mausoleum looking away from her. She seizes the opportunity and sneaks up the stairs and out into the mausoleum behind him stepping to the side as soon as she clears the door. We change views back to the mausoleum as Willie turns from the gate and walks back over to the secret door. When he realizes that Maggie is gone he screams her name and turns around standing in the secret door and looking everywhere for her. We pull back from him to reveal that she is hiding beside the crypt farthest from the secret door.

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Eagle Hill Cemetery: Collins Mausoleum: Willie is standing in the opened secret door looking for Maggie who is hiding behind a crypt in the mausoleum. He runs into the secret room screaming her name and while he is out of the mausoleum Maggie makes a mad dash for the gate. Willie runs back out and stops her before she can escape. She screams for him to let her go home and he replies that he cannot do that for her own safety.

MAGGIE: You've got to let me go.

WILLIE: (lets go of her but stands blocking the gate) I will, I will Maggie as soon as you are safe!

MAGGIE: I am safe except from you!

WILLIE: Maggie please, listen to me.

MAGGIE: (runs around him and throws herself at the gate) No! You have to let me out this gate.

WILLIE: Maggie, listen, I'm doing this for your own good!

MAGGIE: You keep saying that.

WILLIE: It's the truth Maggie, it's the truth. I wouldn't lie to you.

MAGGIE: (allows him to pull her from the gate) Oh, you must be crazy. I believe that you have gone crazy making up that whole story about Barnabas trying to hurt me. You've gone crazy!

WILLIE: I'm not crazy. Now you've got to believe that, I'm more saying that I've ever been in my life.

MAGGIE: If you're sane then you will just step away from the gate and let me go home. Willie! I'm cold, I'm tired, I'm hungry! <<I gotta go to the bathroom!>> (steps over to the wall and looks around the mausoleum, suddenly she realizes where she is) We're in the mausoleum! So that's where we are! (runs to the gate and grabs the bars pressing her face out between them) HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!

WILLIE: (runs over and pulls her from the gate again) STOP THAT! Now, stop it. I don't want to hurt you. (covers her mouth with one hand) I'm sorry Maggie, I've got to do this. (starts to pull her back toward the secret room)

MAGGIE: (bites his hand covering her mouth and when Willie yells and pulls away she screams again) HELP!

WILLIE: (picks her up bodily and carries her into the secret room) I gotta put you back into the room. Then you can yell or screams or do whatever you want to do. Nobody will hear you.

ACTION: We change views to inside the secret room as Willie carries Maggie to the doorway and pushes her inside.

WILLIE: Now you just get back in there you hear me? Yelling ain't gonna do you no good.

MAGGIE: You have to close that door and I'll see how you do it!

WILLIE: I wish you would realize that I'm doing this for your own good!

MAGGIE: No I don't realize it and I won't! Willie! I hate you. I HATE YOU!

WILLIE: Now Maggie, please, don't say that.

MAGGIE: The minute I get out of this place I'm going straight to the police.

WILLIE: Well, I can't stop you from doing that.

MAGGIE: (standing next to coffin and leaning on it) I don't think that someone like you should be allowed to run around on the loose!

WILLIE: (tries to approach her but she steps around the coffin away from him) Maggie, I hoped that someday you'll change your mind when you know.

MAGGIE: When I know what?

WILLIE: Of course, I don't see how you ever will know. Maybe someday I'll tell you part of it. Just so you will forgive me.

MAGGIE: No, I will never forgive you Willie. NEVER!

WILLIE: (standing behind her, removes the chloroform bottle from his jacket pocket) <The same one he left on the bed table in Maggie's apartment.> Now Maggie, I know your hungry, and tired and cold. (removes gauze from the other pocket and wets it with chloroform) If I leave here I can get you food and blankets. If you let me. (reaches around her and covers her mouth and nose with the chloroform gauze)


WILLIE: Maggie, forgive me. I gotta do it. I'm sorry.

ACTION: Maggie soon stops struggling and Willie gently pulls her over to the stairs and props her up in the corner they make with the wall. He brushes the hair from her face, then exits the secret room. We change views as he steps out into the mausoleum and get a nice close-up of the lion's head as he pulls the ring and the secret door closes. We change views back to inside the secret room with Maggie unconscious leaning on the steps as the door slowly swings closed.

Fade to black for commercial: But no commercial is present...

SCENE: Woods near Collinwood: Gazebo: Nicholas Blair is sitting on the cement bench impatiently waiting. He stands and walks over to the railing and we pan with him and pull back to reveal Adam walking into the scene.

BLAIR: Well, you took long enough!

ADAM: He is very upset about using Carolyn.

BLAIR: He didn't talk you out of it did he?

ADAM: No. He told me it would be dangerous.

BLAIR: I warned you he would say that.

BLAIR: He is trying to scare you. He's still trying to get out of doing it.

ADAM: He convinced me. (walks over and sits on the gazebo steps) He wants me to wait until he finds Maggie.

BLAIR: (walks around and comes down the stairs) Maggie Evans is NOT going to be used in this experiment.

ADAM: Why not?

BLAIR: Because I want you to be happy! I want you to be able to love this woman. Now the only way that is possible is if she is like Carolyn. You understand that.

ADAM: Yes. But I'm not at all like Barnabas.

BLAIR: But you will be able to see Carolyn in her the same way that Barnabas can see certain of his qualities in you.

ADAM: I don't think he does.

BLAIR: I'm sure he would never admit it. Did you see Willie Loomis tonight?

ADAM: No. (reaches over and takes hold of Nicholas' arm) You promised you would tell me how we're going to get Carolyn to cooperate.

BLAIR: That can wait. (starts to turn away from him)

ADAM: No, Nicholas, you must tell me that you're not going to use violence with Carolyn.

BLAIR: Of course I won't.

ADAM: She must want to be a part of the experiment.

BLAIR: Adam, I understand how you feel about Carolyn.

CAROLYN: Nicholas, she must want to do it for me.

BLAIR: She will Adam, she will. (pulls away from him and starts to walk away)

ADAM: (jumps up and grabs hold of Blair again) Nicholas! I want to go with you when you tell her.

BLAIR: Adam, now, that is not possible!

ADAM: Why not?

BLAIR: I am doing this for you as a favor. I must be free to choose my own time and my own place. I must be able to deal with Carolyn without interruption. You know that you would never be able to control yourself. No one would in your position. (pats Adam on the arm) Stop worrying. (turns and starts to leave again)

ADAM: (reaches out again and stops Nicholas from leaving) I can't stop worrying! (holding Nicholas by the arm)

BLAIR: (losing patience) Adam. Let go of me.

ADAM: You are more concerned about Willie Loomis.

BLAIR: Yes. I am at the moment. Now, let go of my arm.

SCENE: Woods near Collinwood: Willie Loomis is walking through the underbrush. We change views back to the gazebo where Adam and Nicholas Blair are standing just in front of the stairs. Adam is still holding Nicholas by the arm. Nicholas hears Willie walking through the brush, brushes off Adam's arm and tells him that they must hide. They step around the side of the gazebo into the underbrush away from the direction where Nicholas heard the noise. Willie walks into the clearing in front of the gazebo. Nicholas tells Adam to stay hidden and steps out and speaks to Willie. Willie is startled and turns to see who it is.

WILLIE: Oh, Mr. Blair, you scared me. (starts backing away from him)

BLAIR: (puts on his gloves) come here Loomis.

WILLIE: I can't do that Mr. Blair. I've got to run an errand for Barnabas in Collinwood quick, you know.

BLAIR: I know you are lying. Come here.

WILLIE: What are you staring at me like that for? What do you mean I'm lying? You can't just go around and accuse a man of lying. You don't know my business.

BLAIR: (we zoom in on his hypnotic eyes) Yes I do.

WILLIE: How do you know? (getting slower now) What are you -- staring -- -- at me -- like -- -- that -- -- -- for?

BLAIR: You can't take your eyes away from mine. (we gradually dissolve to a close-up of Nicholas as he stares at Willie while the soundtrack provides Angelique's hypno-witch music) You can't take your eyes away from mine.

WILLIE: I can't! What are you doing to me?

BLAIR: Come here Willie. I'm going to help you.

WILLIE: (we dissolve back to a close-up of him) I don't need your help.

BLAIR: Yes you do Willie. You need my help. Very badly. (dissolve back to Nicholas) Now come here. Come. You see, how badly you need my help?

WILLIE: (back to two shot, gradually Willie walks over to Nicholas who beckons him with one gloved hand)

BLAIR: You see Willie, I know about Maggie Evans.

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Woods near Collinwood: Gazebo: while Adam hides in the bushes nearby Nicholas has hypnotized Willie and they are talking in front of the steps.

WILLIE: How can you know about Maggie?

BLAIR: I know that you had to kidnap her.

WILLIE: I did it for her own good.

BLAIR: I understand Willie.

WILLIE: Do you believe me?

BLAIR: I believe you.

WILLIE: Hey, do you know what they were going to do to her?

BLAIR: No, but she is out of danger now.

WILLIE: How do you know that?

BLAIR: Just take my word for it.

WILLIE: You know just about everything don't you?

BLAIR: I am much too modest to admit that. Now, you are to let Maggie Evans go. Do you understand Willie? That is an order.

WILLIE: An order.

BLAIR: But you're not to say that I gave you the order. As a matter of fact, as a bonus, I'm going to let you forget that this little meeting ever took place. Do you understand Willie?

WILLIE: Well, I don't know.

BLAIR: But you do know what you are to do?

WILLIE: (laughs and nods)

BLAIR: Good. Good -- then go. Do it!

WILLIE: (backs away from Nicholas then turns and walks into the brush)

BLAIR: (steps back over to Adam who is hiding beside the gazebo)

ADAM: Better follow him to see where he has Maggie.

BLAIR: No. I do not want her to know that I am involved.

ADAM: How do you know that he is going to let her go?

BLAIR: I have a way with people Adam. I wanted you to see that so you would know how easy it will be with Carolyn. Maggie Evans will be freed tonight.

SCENE: Eagle Hill Cemetery: Collins Mausoleum: Secret Room: We are looking along one side of the coffin in the center of the room at Maggie who is still unconscious in the corner between the stairs and the wall. We zoom in on her as she says the name Willie twice. As her face fills the frame dream swirls are superimposed over it. Gradually we dissolve from her face to her dream scene as the strains of Josette's music box play. We are in the drawing room of the old house. An elegantly set table is placed in the room near the fireplace. It has multiple white tablecloths, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a candelabra and place settings for two. Willie Loomis, dressed in a maroon turtleneck steps over to the table and winds Josette's music box placing it back on the table. Then he lights the candles. There is a knock at the door and he walks over to the drawing room arch where Maggie, dressed in a light blue dress with yellow pocket and collar, is standing and waiting. Willie tells her to come in and she walks past him over to the table and admires Josette's music box. Willie says that he was told to play it for her. She says yes but wonders who told him to play it. Willie makes no answer. She asks him where she is because she knows she shouldn't be there. Still Willie makes no answer. Maggie says that there is something wrong with her being there and asks again why she is there. Willie says only that she will know soon. Maggie looks down at the place setting nearest the fire there is a card there which reads Josette.

MAGGIE: I'm not Josette. Josette is dead. Josette has been dead for centuries. Why does that card say Josette?

WILLIE: I follow his orders.

MAGGIE: Who? Barnabas?

WILLIE: (nods)

MAGGIE: What does he want from me? I want to go now.

WILLIE: No, you can't. (starts backing away from the table)

MAGGIE: (follows him) Let me go Willie. Don't keep me here.

WILLIE: You must stay.


ACTION: We hear the sound of the door closing and Willie says, "He is coming." And steps back toward the window. Maggie walks around the table asking why she feels so strangely. Willie says that she will be all right but she replies not she stays there. She is afraid to see "Him". The dream swirls again are superimposed over the scene as Willie tells her that she will stay and that she will see him. Maggie wants to know what is happening to her and if nothing is wrong why is she so afraid? Willie tells her to be quiet because "He" can hear her. Slowly we pan away from the table to reveal Barnabas, gray faced and in full vampire mode, standing in the drawing room arch. We zoom in on his face with his serious stare and Mona Lisa smile as Maggie starts to scream and continues screaming on and on. Over her screams we dissolve again to reveal the gravestone of Josette Collins and zoom in so that the dates can be read: Born 1774, Died 1795. She continues screaming until suddenly we change shots back to Maggie in the secret room in the Collins mausoleum. She wakes up, "Barnabas, Barnabas. Why was I afraid of Barnabas? Because everything that happened that night actually happened! I remember. That evening, I was terrified. But why?"

Fade to black: Roll Ending Credits: Shrink credits so nothing can be read: Next on SciFi - Bla Bla Bla ...