Dark Shadows COL April 4, 2003 #1
EPISODE 878 November 5, 1969
SciFi Number 656
Narrator: Joan Bennett
Timeline: 1897

Cast:Evan Hanley Humbert Allen Astredo
Judith Collins Trask Joan Bennett
Victor Fenn-Gibbon (aka Count Petofi) Thayer David
Garth Blackwood John Harkins
Reverend Gregory Trask Jerry Lacy
Aristede Michael Stroka

- Garth Blackwood appears and searches for Aristede. Judith plans to change her will. Trask tries to get Evan to stop Judith from writing him out of the will. Trask agrees to help stop Garth Blackwood if Aristede kills Judith. Garth Blackwood kills Evan, believing that he is aiding Aristede.

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Blow by Blow Narrative 878 by David M. Martin
Typed from recording I watched. Expect
some spelling, grammar and typo errors.
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VOICEOVER: In the chilling darkness of the November night in the year 1897, shortly after Quentin has returned Petofi's mind to Petofi's body, a new and relentless creature of evil would appear near the Collins estate; a creature returned from the grave to hunt down and destroy the man responsible for his death.

SCENE: Collinwood Exterior at Night: Dissolve to the Woods of the Collins Estate: We are focused on the ground as Garth Blackwood limps into the shot. He has one wooden leg which he drags behind him. In his hands he holds a length of chain which in his past life he used to beat prisoners. As he continues to limp through the woods we dissolve to the studio of Charles Delaware Tate in Collinsport. Count Petofi is holding up the sketch of Garth Blackwood and showing it Aristede. He knows that this man above all others will cause Aristede to panic and run. This man above all others has reason to kill him.

PETOFI: Do you recognize this gentleman Aristede?

ARISTEDE: Garth Blackwood! What are you going to do with it?

PETOFI: There is something about Charles Tate that you don't know. I myself discovered only by accident. He has a unique talent; a curious ability to sketch portraits that come to life.

ARISTEDE: (staring at the sketch in horror) That is not possible.

PETOFI: I thought it only fitting that you should be reclaimed by the most relentless pursuer you have ever known... Garth Blackwood. He may have you with my blessing my boy. With my blessing.

ARISTEDE: Excellency, you said that you were willing to forgive me. You can't do this to me. You don't mean it. It's a trick right? Pictures can't come to life?! You are just saying it to frighten me. Okay I'm frightened. All right? You heard me, I'm frightened. Now please stop it.

ACTION: We hear the dragging leg of Garth Blackwood as he approaches the cottage. Aristede turns at the sound and immediately we begin to hear the chains rattling. Aristede jumps up and runs around behind the sofa as if Petofi would protect him. "You've got to stop him. Please, I beg you you've got to stop him." The chains and the dragging leg become louder and louder. Finally Petofi glances up at Aristede. "Goodbye Aristede. I shall miss you." He laughs as Aristede realizes his cruelty.

TITLES: ...la de daaaa de da da deeee di daaaaa...

SCENE: Collinsport: Studio of Charles Delaware Tate: Garth Blackwood is approaching and Aristede is cringing behind the sofa looking down at Petofi who is only man on earth can save him. But he has disappointed his master and now his master has decided on his final destruction.

ARISTEDE: Excellency, I beg you, protect me! (leans down and brings his hand very close to Petofi) Don't let this happen to me.

PETOFI: I am afraid that the die is cast Aristede.

ARISTEDE: All I ask is just one more chance. (runs around the sofa and kneels at Petofi's feet) I will prove myself you. I will do anything you want me to do.

PETOFI: You are wasting the few precious moments you have left.

ARISTEDE: Please, Excellency! SAVE ME!

PETOFI: This time you'll have to save yourself! I would advise you to start running. Don't stop because those sounds will always be close behind you. How long it will take him to catch up with you depends on how fast you can run. (laughing at him)

ARISTEDE: (remains kneeling a moment longer, turns to stare at the studio door he is terrified)

ACTION: Finally Aristede jumps up and goes through the back door in the cottage. Petofi seems to collapse or pass out, or is just faking being asleep. We change views so the we are looking from behind Petofi at the cottage door. Garth Blackwood opens the door and limps into the room. We zoom in on him as he brings the chain up and holds it directly beneath his face in both hands. He limps down the stairs looking at Petofi. He is a swarthy man and has a full black beard. He is dressed in black with black gloves and a black hat. He walks over to the foot of the sofa where Petofi is laying. He speaks with a thick <Scottish?> accent.

BLACKWOOD: A prisoner has escaped from Dartmoor. He was seen entering here. Are you concealing him?

PETOFI: No. he is not here.

BLACKWOOD: (looks around the room and walks over to the studio window, after a moment turns back to Petofi) The penalty for harboring an escaped criminal is severe.

PETOFI: The man that you describe broke into this house and fled only a few moments ago through the back door.

BLACKWOOD: (steps over to the sofa and leans very close to Petofi's face) And you did nothing to stop him?

PETOFI: I cannot move. I am a sick man.

BLACKWOOD: (stands up and faces us, zoom in for close-up) He will not go far. The moors are treacherous they are my domain. Yes, he shall not trouble you again. (turns and limps out of the back door)

SCENE: Collinwood: Foyer: We start with a close-up of the chandelier over the foyer table. We pull back and pan down as Judith comes out of the upstairs hallway and crosses the landing. She is dressed in a brilliant red top with a maroon and red skirt. She comes downstairs and goes into the drawing room. Her hair is fixed nicely she has a red bow. Evan Hanley is waiting for her in the drawing room next to the fireplace. She walks directly over to him.

HANLEY: Good evening Judith. You are looking quite well.

JUDITH: Thank you Evan. (steps back and closes the doors behind herself) Now, let's get down to business immediately. What have you got to report?

HANLEY: I have not yet found out the information you requested.

JUDITH: Well, what's taking so long... if you had engaged a reliable private detective...

HANLEY: Well, I didn't hire detective at all.

JUDITH: Well, I told you explicitly...

HANLEY: Judith, you told me to use my own judgment. I did.

JUDITH: Well, what have you done?

HANLEY: I felt the job could be better handled by someone who had a personal interest in Mr. Trask; a young man named Timothy Shaw.

JUDITH: Oh yes. (steps away from him and sits on the sofa) He used to work for Gregory at the school. Can he be trusted?

HANLEY: (sits beside her) Judith, to put it charitably, he hates your husband with a vengeance. He was only too agreeable to accept the job.

JUDITH: When is he going to give us the information? I want to know exactly where Gregory went all of those times that he said he was visiting me at the sanitarium.

HANLEY: I expect to hear from him any day now.

JUDITH: Good. Now, there is one other thing. I am coming to your office tomorrow afternoon at three. Please be there. I want to change my will.

HANLEY: (looks at her with a complete deadpan, does not react)

JUDITH: We will discuss the details tomorrow.

HANLEY: Judith, why are you doing all this? I mean; having your husband's activities investigated? Changing the will?

JUDITH: You are not paid to ask questions Evan.

HANLEY: I am asking you as a friend Judith, not as your lawyer. (gets up and walks over to the fireplace) Is just that, Judith, I am concerned about you. I wouldn't want you to do anything that you might be sorry for later. (turns back to face her)

JUDITH: (looks as stern as I have ever seen her) What is it that you think I might be sorry for?

HANLEY: Well, I don't know.

JUDITH: (gets up and walks over to him) Do you know something about Gregory that I don't know?

HANLEY: Of course not. It's just that... Judith, you haven't been yourself since you came back from the sanitarium.

JUDITH: You are right Evan. I haven't. I am much wiser now than I used to be. (steps very close to him and smiles) I want to tell you one thing. It doesn't pay to trifle with me!

HANLEY: Yes. (nods and stares into her eyes) Yes, I can see that.

JUDITH: (pivots on her heel and walks over to open the door) Thank you for your concern. It is always gratifying to know that one has a true friend.

TRASK: (seen through the doors coming downstairs)

JUDITH: Good night Evan. I will see you tomorrow.

HANLEY: Good night Judith. (exits the house)

TRASK: (pauses near the foot of the stairs watching this transaction)

JUDITH: (looks over at him but does not speak, walks back into the drawing room)

TRASK: (follows her into the drawing room) What was Evan Hanley doing here at this hour?

JUDITH: (keeps her back to him but is smiling with anticipation) He had some papers for me to sign.

TRASK: They must have been very important for him to come so late. Did I hear you say that you were to see him again tomorrow?

JUDITH: (turns and smiles sweetly) Oh yes, there is something that I must discuss with you first. It concerns my will.

TRASK: Your will?

JUDITH: Yes. I am going to change it.

TRASK: (trying to mask his concern) Change it? What for?

JUDITH: (turns and steps away from him) Well, I have given it a great deal of thought and I have made a major decision. (turns to look over at the window) I have decided that I want to be sure that all of my money goes to charitable causes after I die.

TRASK: (rushes over to her) You can't do that!

JUDITH: (mock innocence on face) Why Gregory? One of the reasons for my decision was because I felt sure that it would make you happy.

TRASK: (recovering) Well, it does. You just took me by surprise.

JUDITH: You seen upset.

TRASK: No, of course I am not upset.

JUDITH: (lets the smile slip off of her face) It is obvious that you don't approve. I really thought that you would be overjoyed. (steps up very close in front of him) I don't understand your attitude Gregory? (walks away from him smiling, exits the drawing room, goes upstairs)

TRASK: (furious, steps out to the foyer, grabs coat and hat and exits the house)

ACTION: Trask leaves the front door open as he exits and we zoom in on the underbrush then dissolve to the underbrush at another place in the forest. We pull back to reveal that we are in a small clearing. Presently Aristede rushes into the clearing and turns back to look behind him. We hear the dragging foot and rattling chain of Garth Blackwood. We zoom in on Aristede as the chain and dragging foot get louder and louder.

Fade to black for commercial: Buy this, You need that, Bla Bla Bla...

SCENE: Collinsport: Residence of Evan Hanley: We start with a close-up of the shade of the lamp on a table next to where Evan is seated. We pan over to reveal that he is reading a book and seated near the french doors. There is a knock on the door. He puts the book down and goes to answer it. It is the Reverend Gregory Trask. He steps into the house and removes his hat. Evan follows him back into the living room.

HANLEY: Well Mr. Trask, I had a curious feeling that I might be seeing you tonight.

TRASK: (removing his gloves) Did you now?

HANLEY: Yes, I knew that you would be curious as to why I went to Collinwood. Of course, I am ethically bound not to tell you as Judith's lawyer.

TRASK: You can stop all the ethical double talk Evan. Judith told me about changing her will.

HANLEY: I wish I could have been there to see your face.

TRASK: Evan, you must find some way of dissuading her.

HANLEY: There is nothing I can do. Her mind is made up.

TRASK: Yes, but you could change it for her. Naturally there would be something in it for you.

HANLEY: Very well. (walks over and sits down in front of the desk near the wall) Let me put it another way. I don't want to change Judith's mind.

TRASK: Why not?

HANLEY: Because I like being on the winning side Mr. Trask. (looks angry and stern) You made a play for power and failed. When you go down, I do not want to go down with you. It is as simple as that. Sorry to be so brutal about it.

TRASK: (steps over toward the french doors) It doesn't take much to frighten you does it Evan? What did she do; threaten to get another lawyer?

HANLEY: (stands up and faces him) No, there were no threats necessary. I would have to be blind not to see the handwriting on the wall. (crosses his arms as Trask turns to face him) Your days are numbered Mr. Trask. Don't you realize that?

TRASK: Collinwood is my home now. I intend to spend the rest of my life there. (steps over and brings his face very close to Evans) Now, if you won't stop Judith from changing her will, at least delay her for a few days.

HANLEY: Now why would you want me to do that?

TRASK: I have my reasons.

HANLEY: Well, do they have anything to do with disposing of your dear second wife as you did your first?

TRASK: Wouldn't it be wiser Evan if you didn't know my reasons? After all, what you don't know can't incriminate you. Can it?

ACTION: We zoom into extreme close-ups so that we see only their eyes and nose as we change views between the two. From a final shot of Evan Hanley we dissolve to the woods nearby. Aristede rushes into a clearing and pauses near a large tree. He looks around as he takes a minute to lean against the tree and rest. He thinks to himself. "I have lost him. He will pick up my trail again if I stay out here. I have got to find someone who will hide me." He looks up and apparently sees the lights of a house and runs off in that direction. We zoom in on the underbrush then dissolve to the close-up of Evan Hanley as he nods slowly at Trask. He says nothing but walks away from him over to the desk. Trask is watching him in silence as well, wondering if he has regained his partner or not.

TRASK: I am waiting for an answer Evan.

HANLEY: (turns to look at him and smiles slightly) The answer is... No! Now, I intend to meet Judith tomorrow and carry out for instructions to the letter.

TRASK: (sneers at him)

HANLEY: But I will do one thing for you. I will give you a piece of friendly advice. (steps over to him staring at his eyes) Don't fight her or try to stop her Trask or it may be the most serious mistake you have ever made in your life.

ACTION: There is a knock at the door and Evan goes to answer it. It is Aristede who steps into the house.

ARISTEDE: We have met before Mr. Hanley.

HANLEY: Yes, yes I remember. You have something to do with Petofi.

ARISTEDE: Well I did, but not anymore. (steps into the living room) I am sorry about coming in on you like this but... I desperately need your help. Someone is after me. They are going to kill me!

HANLEY: Kill you! Who? (steps over to him concerned)

ARISTEDE: He was brought back from the dead by Petofi.

HANLEY: Here now, here I suggest first you try to get ahold of yourself. (reaches out and takes his arm)

ARISTEDE: (places his hands on his chest) Now listen, I know that you may think that I'm crazy but I'm not. This is Petofi's way of punishing me. You have got to give me your help.

HANLEY: I don't see how I could possibly help you. I am merely a lawyer.

ARISTEDE: No you're not. You know about other things too; supernatural things.

HANLEY: (grabs his arms and throws them off) Now see here! (steps away from him)

TRASK: Evan! (steps over to them) Can't you see that this poor man is desperate? You are not going to deny him the benefit of your unique talents are you?

HANLEY: I will thank you to keep out of this Trask.

ARISTEDE: You know about ghosts. You must know how to get rid of one. That is all I am asking you to do.

HANLEY: I also know the powers of Count Petofi. I do not want him for an enemy.

ARISTEDE: Look, my life is at stake. This thing is going to keep following me until it kills me. Don't you understand?

HANLEY: (turns away from him and says nothing)

ARISTEDE: Mr. Hanley. If you turn me down, my blood will be on your hands.

TRASK: I am afraid that you are wasting your time my friend. You see, Mr. Hanley specializes in looking out for Mr. Hanley. Isn't that so Evan?

HANLEY: I am very sorry Aristede but I cannot run the risk of angering a man like Petofi.

ARISTEDE: He won't even know that you helped me.

HANLEY: (says nothing further, does not look at him)

ARISTEDE: (steps over to Trask) You sir. You are a man of the cloth, can't you persuade him, please?

TRASK: (turns away from him smiling his sinister smile) Perhaps I can do better than that Aristede.

HANLEY: (walks over to him) What are you talking about?

TRASK: I don't think the occult is the answer to this man's problem. Obviously he is being pursued by some sort of demon which can only be dispelled through spiritual help. (turns to look at Aristede) I think you have come to the right place Aristede.

HANLEY: Well now I don't think so. You may be willing to go along with him. That is your business. But you are not going to do it here.

TRASK: Now don't be completely ungracious Evan. Can't you see that this man is too terrified to go back outside? Now, I intend to give him the guidance he needs here and now. I should like to do it in private. Surely you can spare him that much.

HANLEY: Very well. I will give you 15 minutes and then I want you both out of here. Is that clear?

TRASK: Whatever you say Evan. It is your house.

HANLEY: (looks down at his watch then closes it, walks into the backroom)

TRASK: (waits for him to exit)

ARISTEDE: I don't know how to thank you Reverend Trask.

TRASK: I suggest that we save all expressions of gratitude until after we talk and reach a mutual understanding.

ARISTEDE: I don't know what you mean. You do it intend to help me don't you?

TRASK: You will find that I am a slightly more practical man that Evan Hanley. I shall be more than willing to exorcise this spirit demon that is haunting you. But there will be a price.

ARISTEDE: I will do anything you say.

TRASK: What I intend to ask of you, will not be easy. It will require courage and cunning and cold-bloodedness.

ARISTEDE: Just tell me what it is. I will do it. Look, right now my life is worth nothing. I will take any risk.

TRASK: (stares at him for a long silent moment) Aristede, you are going to murder someone for me.

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SCENE: Collinsport: Evan Hanley's Residence: We start with an extreme close-up of a diagram drawn on yellow paper. We pull back to reveal that the paper is in Aristede's hands. Gregory Trask is standing directly behind him and watching him intently. Aristede is studying the drawing.

TRASK: Now, you know where to go and what to take after she is dead?

ARISTEDE: Don't worry about a thing. I won't forget anything.

TRASK: Remember, you must make the motive look like robbery. If you succeed in that, the case will soon be closed.

ARISTEDE: It will be done exactly as you wanted. (holds up the paper and turns to face him) Now, what about me? When do I did what I want?

TRASK: The moment I get what I want... you will be given protection, the price we agreed upon, and your demon will be banished forever. I promise you this.

ARISTEDE: Why can't we take care of Blackwood first?

TRASK: Because we are going to do this my way Aristede or not at all.

HANLEY: (opens the door and steps back into the room) All right Trask your time is up.

TRASK: (steps over to him) So it is. But I have one more favor to ask of you.

HANLEY: What is it now? (impatient)

TRASK: I'm going to make the necessary arrangements for Aristede's safety tonight. I want you to give him shelter here until I return. It will only be about an hour.

HANLEY: Trask, I am not...

TRASK: Believe me Evan, he will be no trouble. We have reached a mutual understanding. You will be in no way involved.

HANLEY: All right. He can stay for an hour.

TRASK: (steps over to the door then turns back to Aristede) Courage Aristede your troubles will soon be over. (exits the house)

HANLEY: (steps over to Aristede) Well, you may as well sit down Aristede and make yourself comfortable.

ARISTEDE: (sits at the desk) Thank you.

HANLEY: I take it that Trask has agreed to help you?



ARISTEDE: (looks up at him) I don't know what he is planning but he has helped me tremendously. He made me feel very secure. He seems like a very wonderful man.

HANLEY: (very sarcastic) Oh yes. He is full of wonders.

SCENE: Collinwood: Foyer: We're focused on the front doors as Gregory Trask opens them and steps into the house. He removes his hat, places it on the foyer table and walks into the drawing room where Judith is waiting. She jumps up off of the sofa and turns toward him.

JUDITH: Gregory. I didn't realize that you had gone out.

TRASK: (removes his gloves) I always find the night air more conducive to serious meditation.

JUDITH: (steps over to him and asks innocently) Were you troubled by something?

TRASK: You must have known I was my dear. (places his hand on her shoulder) My behavior earlier this evening was shameful. I ask you now to forgive me.

JUDITH: (smiles at him) There is nothing to forgive Gregory. Actually, I felt unfair taking you by surprise as I did.

TRASK: I must be honest with you Judith. (turns away from her and sighs) When you said that you were changing the will my first thought was of myself. Of course, that was evil. I want to thank you for showing me the way.

JUDITH: Now you sound like the Gregory I married. (smiles and laughs) I knew that you would come around after thinking about it. Shall we consider the incident forgotten?

TRASK: How charitable you are my dear. (hugs her)

SCENE: Collinsport: Evan Hanley's Residence: Evan it is seated in the chair near the french doors waiting impatiently. Aristede remains seated at the desk near the door. After a moment we begin to hear chains rattling in the soundtrack. Aristede hears this and turns to look at the french doors just as we begin to hear the dragging foot of Garth Blackwood.

HANLEY: What's wrong?

ARISTEDE: Listen. (we can hear the dragging foot and chains clearly) It's him. He is after me again.

HANLEY: (concerned, stands up and walks over to him) What are you talking about?

ARISTEDE: (gets up to face him) Can't you hear those sounds outside? He is coming to the house. He is coming straight for the house.

HANLEY: Now, you've got to get ahold of yourself. Trask will be back here very shortly.

ARISTEDE: No, no I can't wait. I have got to get out of here very quickly. Is there another way out of this house?

HANLEY: (gestures toward the french doors) Well yes, through that door but you can't...

ARISTEDE: (rushes to the doors and exits the house)

HANLEY: (tries to catch hold of him to stop him but it is too late) Aristede! ARISTEDE!!

ARISTEDE: (Leaves the doors open on his way out)

HANLEY: (hears the sounds now and looks frightened)

BLACKWOOD: (pushes the living room doors open and steps into the room)

HANLEY: See here! What is the meaning of this?

BLACKWOOD: (brings his chain up under his chin and holds it in both hands) I have come for the prisoner.

HANLEY: Who are you and what do you mean by barging into my house?

BLACKWOOD: (slowly limps over to stand next to him) I am the law sir. Tell me where the prisoner is.

HANLEY: You are a madman. (points at the door) You get out of here.

BLACKWOOD: He was seen entering this house. The penalty for harboring criminals is severe I promise you.

HANLEY: I told you to get out of here!

BLACKWOOD: Justice must be served sir. He who obstructs justice will suffer for it. I will search this house until I find the criminal.

HANLEY: You will not search this house. You are here illegally and I intend to call the police.

BLACKWOOD: I have one and only one warning for you sir. Stand aside.

HANLEY: I said that you will not search this house.

BLACKWOOD: Stand aside I say!

ACTION: Garth Blackwood quickly wraps the chain around Evan's throat and chokes him. We zoom in for a close-up on Blackwood and can see how hard he is pulling. Presently he drops Evan who falls to the floor and does not move. Satisfied, Garth Blackwood turns and begins to search the house. We zoom in on the french doors as Aristede runs back into the room and looks over to see Blackwood. He also notices that Evan Hanley is on the floor. We pull back and zoom down on Evan Hanley who presumably is dead!

Fade to black: Roll Ending Credits: Shrink credits so nothing can be read: Next on SciFi - Bla Bla Bla ...