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Comment by Amanda (Prof_Strokes) on 4/25/2019

Great memories!

Comment by Dianne Hicks on 3/17/2019

Such a great website , so much to see and current, way to go!

Comment by Missy H. on 1/6/2019

Nicely done! Simple layout but lotsa good stuff! Keep up the good work. :-)

Comment by Kaz ~:~ on 8/9/2016

I'm back peeking at your wonderful site been awhile you added some cool photos and stuff.

Comment by Kaz on 2/18/2016

Just stopped by for another peek fantastic job Sunny!

Comment by Scott Eckhardt on 9/11/2015

This is very cool. I've always loved DARK SHADOWS. How fortunate to find this site!

Comment by Sunny (Nora) on 7/24/2015

Thank you all once again for visiting and enjoying DS Showcase!

Comment by imfunny2 on 3/22/2015

Great site devoted to one of my favorite shows

Comment by Sunny (Nora) on 3/17/2015

Thanks to everyone for all your really nice comments. And thank you Jack for getting this guestbook working again!

Comment by Lalita Rudy on 2/16/2015

So great watching Mike's Magic Marvels again. Made me get all teary eyed.

Comment by Jack Knop on 2/16/2015

Like your site, Sunny!

Comment by danni on 11/15/2014

Comment by Jan (Grammy) on 11/9/2014

Your pictures & videos are great. I love the work you put into it and share them with us. I know I don't respond often enough, and I'm sorry for that. But I want you to know that I look at them & appreciate you and all your hard work.

Comment by Kim Vardanega on 11/8/2014

Miss you! Thank you for all the great pictures!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 9/24/2014

Hi Sunny this site is wonderful you do such cool work love you kido!

Comment by Jan on 9/20/2014

Your pictures are always terrific. I wish I was with you guys. You always look like you are having so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Lari Asher on 8/9/2014

I wish I could have been there in 2008

Comment by david slapper on 7/25/2014


Comment by Bob Issel on 7/23/2014

Great photos Sunny :)

Comment by Karen Brady on 7/12/2014

Hi Sonny Ill try to send you the cool pictures on my day off i have been real busy at work ok see ya

Comment by BARNEY EMERY GARTNER on 7/5/2014


Comment by Kaz on 2/20/2014

Hi Sunny just stopped by to say hi love all the additions you do such a great job!

Kaz ~;~

Comment by mary jo wasmer on 11/14/2013

Beautiful Pics Sunny: My Heart Jumps A Little Bit Everytime I Look At Your Pics/Videos! Wonderful Joy & Memories! Takes Me Back To The Actual Day of Pics! Love! Love! Love! I'm So Thankful GOD Has Placed You A Part of My Life, You Bring Joy & (Sunniness) to My Heart!! Your A Beautiful Friend:)
I Love You Bunches:)
Missssses & Huuuuuuugs Always :)

Comment by andrew on 11/11/2013


Comment by Teresa Binkley on 11/11/2013

Wow this is such an awesome website Nora!!

Comment by Kim Vardanega on 11/11/2013

What a wonderful web site!!!!

Comment by Kaz ~:~ on 11/11/2013

Sunny you additions are fantastic thanks for sharing your experiences and adventures.

You're biggest fan!

Comment by Laraine K. Harford on 10/23/2013

Comment by Dee Russell on 10/22/2013

So touching to read this tribute for Judy.

Comment by Sunny on 10/17/2013

THANK YOU MIKE & JACK!!!!! You two are the best, and are both computer wizards and are my dearest friends, forever!!!

Comment by Jack on 10/13/2013

Still working!

Comment by Jack on 10/13/2013

Yay! It's working!

Comment by Mike on 10/13/2013

I'm glad the site is back up and working.

Comment by Chrissy on 7/4/2013

What a great collection! Especially love the musical background!

Comment by Paolo730 on 1/13/2013

Fangs for the memories--love the original DS series--saw the Johnny Depp movie--pretty good, but not great--they should've used more B&W shots. Keep up this great site!

Comment by Kaz ~:~ on 12/1/2012

Hello Sunny!!!

Back again for another helping your your fantastic website I was in the video room very cool thanks so much for all you do and thanks to all that contribute to the Dark Shadows world.

Kaz ~;~

Comment by Mary Wasmer on 8/31/2012

Hi Sunny! Beautiful Pictures For Wonderful Memories. I Love How You Capture All The Activities & Your Great Captions. Look forward to More Coming Up. Miss You Anxious To See You Soooooon. HUGS:)

Comment by Dave Medsker on 8/30/2012

Hello Sunny, thank you for having this wonderful showcase. Lots of good memories!!! Hope to join in someday!!!


Comment by Helen Samaras on 8/19/2012

hi Sunny, loved your pictures. Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane. I did find myself in the background of a few of your pictures.

Comment by Silvia. Buenos Aires. Argentina on 8/7/2012

Congratulations! Beautiful site and a great job.

Comment by Kaz on 7/28/2012

Hello Sunny visiting you once again checking all your new additions, fantastic.

Your at the 2012 festival in 2012 right now and I hope you have a really good time!

Comment by linda on 6/2/2012

Love the website and yes I used to run home from school everyday to watch it too. I believe it started at 4 and school got out at 3:40. They must have planned it that way since every kid in America (from that era) tells the same story.

Comment by Christine Bates on 5/5/2012

Hi Sunny - just came across your website and very pleased to find it. My husband, twin sister and I attended the DS Festival in 2011 in NYC. We had a wonderful time.

On your video of cast reunion #5, that is my sister speaking. Yes, we are from Maine. My two sisters, myself and niece are planning on attending the reunion in Tarrytown in July. Looking very much forward to it.

So sad to hear of Jonathan Frids passing but am so pleased I had the honor of seeing him in 2010.

Thank you for sharing your work.

Comment by Sunny on 4/23/2012

Hi Bob! Of course I remember you!! And yes, such sad, sad news of his passing. It was such a shock for all of us! He will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment here. I appreciate it very much. I hope to keep in contact with you and all DS fans, through many months and years to come:)

Comment by Bob Brown on 4/19/2012

Hi Sunny. Don't know if you remember me from '09 but you included me and my daughter in your photo gallery for which I am eternally grateful. I am deeply saddened by the passing of Jonathan Frid as I know you and everyone else here is. Let's all say prayers for him and his family today and thank you once again for this wonderful site. God Bless.

Comment by Sunny on 3/1/2012

Thank you so much Mary for all the praise and kind words:) And to Kaz and others too.
Sorry it's taking me so long to get all the 2011 Fest pages done. It's been such a bad & sad time for me, even before the Fest began and still is. (words can not describe)
But thank goodness I am almost done getting my Fest picture pages done for all DS fans to enjoy...YIPPIE!! HUGS to you and all!

Comment by Mary Wasmer on 2/17/2012

Hi Sunny: Thank You For Your Hard Work on assembling & time it took you to put all these wonderful pictures together. I enjoyed The Collages the best, I love placing alot of Pictures into Collages. It was neat seeing past pictures of Diane,Lali & You & putting faces to Names I have been acquainted with within the Last Year by Emails Only. Look forward to More Photos & More Collections.

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 1/11/2012

Fantastic photos from 2011 thanks so much Sunny and thank you for this site!

Comment by Joseph Elson on 1/11/2012

Hope to see everyone at the fest.By the way does anyone know what dates the Fest will be?

Comment by hi sunny,miss you!! happy holidays. love andrew on 12/27/2011

Comment by joeykutten on 6/20/2011

my name is joey kutten

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 6/11/2011

Hi Sunny back again to see all the cool new stuff you've added and the festival coming up soon means more great photos and recaps.


Kaz ~;~

Comment by Dave M... on 5/22/2011

Stopping by to take another look around. Hello everyone...

Comment by Sue Cooper on 5/15/2011

Sunny, these pages were awesome!!! I felt as if I were there with you all. Thanks so much for sharing your DS Fest memories with all of us in cyberspace.
Be well.

Comment by andrew on 5/15/2011

sunny, you are great!! thank you for sharing what i know for you is important part of you're life. i look forward to meeting you and other fans soon to become friends. thanks again and god bless!!

Comment by Jason X on 4/29/2011

Great site. It's great to see the spirit of Dark Shadows living on in its fans...!

Comment by aaron on 3/19/2011

dark shadows lives on

Comment by andrew lisita on 9/12/2010


Comment by Leonie Holmes on 8/1/2010

Wonderful. Love it!
So happy to see the photos and videos of DS Fest 2010. I couldn't make it so it's nice to see so much featured here.

Comment by MissyPittyKitty on 8/1/2010

Hey, Sunny and Diane and everyone - it was really great to see you at the Fest, and I am enjoying your many pictures. The report is great, too. Hope to see you in the future. Tell Lali and Mike "Hi".


Comment by Rick Hatch on 7/29/2010

I just got through reading Diane's festival report. It is always so well written, and brings back so many happy memories of the festival for me. Also enjoyed her and Sunny's pictures, posted so far. Thanks so much for doing this every year, Sunny & Diane and all. It is something to look forward to every year, a great compilation of pics and writings after our great times together.

Comment by Cletus on 7/21/2010

Wow! Finally had a chance to browse the whole website and it is much more impressive than I would ever imagined. Great Job Sunshine! Cant wait for the new pics of the best ever DS Festival.

Comment by Sunny on 7/21/2010

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and for enjoying DS Showcase. I just returned home from the DS Fest. It was a blast, like always, and many photos were taken. A few videos were recorded as well. So stay tuned...

Comment by Debra on 7/15/2010


Comment by Elba Arvelo on 7/1/2010

I was 13 when D.S. came on the air now I am 50 plus. I loved that program so much I am watching it over again with my husband He even likes it.Now my only problem is that I would like to purchase a replica of the music box But I been out of luck Is there anyway you can help I would really be so thankful to you. thanks again elba

Comment by Gary Pillsbury on 5/10/2010

I happen to click on to your Dark Shadows Showcase and it was really good. Really kind of enjoyed it. Hope to return to it really soon!

Comment by Wendy (aka BaronVonBlixberg) on 4/19/2010

Hi...just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much I enjoyed your DS Showcase website. This site is a treasure trove of DS goodies. I really enjoyed all it had to offer. I have never been fortunate enough to make it to any of the DS reunions...but just looking through your photos of them, gave me a glimpse of what a special time that must have been. Thank you for giving us DS fans a nice place to visit "online" and for keeping the "dream" alive! Cheers! :)

Comment by joe integlia on 3/19/2010

visit my online theatre where you can watch or download DARK SHADOWS events.

Comment by Philip D on 2/8/2010

Hi Sunny
Back again for my "fix" .Nice to see the Gang again. dropped in on the chat fri at 3AM (could not sleep) hope to chat next week with you. Take Care

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 2/4/2010

Back again always a delight Sunny you are so cool!

Comment by Amanda (Prof Strokes) on 12/11/2009

I love your pictures Sunny...thanks for sharing them : )

Comment by Bob Brown on 12/5/2009

All the pics are wonderful Sunny! Thanx so much for sharing. Too early to tell if we can make the west coast show but if we do,we'll be lookin' 4 u. Have a wonderful holiday season. God bless-Bob and Carly.

Comment by Lisa Weyenberg on 11/25/2009

Thanks for sharing your photos! I couldn't make the Fest this year but htis was almost like being there! Your photos are so good! I love your whole web site. I know I'll be visiting often! Happy Thanksgiving!

Comment by Mary Wright on 11/24/2009

Thanks for sharing all the pics, Sunny! Great site!

Comment by Rick Hatch on 10/9/2009

Sunny and Carol Ann, Thanks again for making it possible to display my photos on the Dark Shadows Showcase. Thank you Sunny for all your hard work, and Carol for editing and sending them to Sunny. I really enjoy your web site and thank you again Sunny, and all of those who contribute to it.

Comment by Lali on 9/21/2009

Love all the work you're doing on the fest pages, Sunny!
No one knows how hard you have been working on these and how hard you will continue to work on them!
Love ya!
Thanks so much!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 9/15/2009

Sunny as always the festival photos are fantasic as is your site. Thanks for sharing!

Kaz ~;~

Comment by Dave M aka Barn on 9/15/2009

Sunny, thank you for sharing your showcase. It is wonderful and I enjoy looking at all the items and photos. It looks like you had a great time at the festival. I look forward to the new pictures.


Comment by Bob Brown on 9/14/2009

Ahh Sunny. What a treasure you are! I am honered to be a part of your DS '09 festival photos. God bless-Bob

Comment by Carol on 9/14/2009

Sunny, once again you did a wonderful job with your DS Showcase website. I so enjoyed looking at everyone's fest pictures, and throughly loved the fest reports! Thank you also for adding some of my photos!!! Wish we were all still there!

Comment by cheryl szarenski on 9/9/2009

I've been a big fan of dark shadows for years.I loved the show.I had writen a letter to jonthan frid but a friend lost it on me.show could please send me a letter and pictureof barnabas collins.TO me at cherylszarenski 27 east fifth st.frederick md 21701.thank-you

Comment by Amanda (Prof Strokes) on 9/3/2009

Groovy site Sunny...but I'm thirsty for more festival pictures and reporting from attendee's.

Amanda :)

Comment by Debbie on 9/2/2009

Great site. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

Comment by Di (dlfoxy) on 9/1/2009

Sunny, your site is awesome! All the pics are fangtastic!!

Comment by jan2 on 9/1/2009

love the pic's
can't wait to see more :)

Comment by Jan (Grammy) on 8/30/2009

Your showcase is totally awesome Sunny! I appreciate and enjoy all your hard work!

Comment by paul collins on 8/26/2009

great web page i love dark shadows

Comment by gina on 8/25/2009

So great to see the 2009 fest pix! Thanks Sunny! Can't wait to see more!

Comment by Dee Russell on 8/25/2009

It was so cool to see what is already posted! Can't wait for more!

Comment by Bryan on 8/24/2009

Thanks for posting the 2009 fest pics.
They are great! Will check back agian
to see more of them and the fun you all
had. Once again Thanks! Love your site.

Comment by Dave Barnabas M on 8/24/2009

Sunny, thanks for posting the 2009 DS Festival pix. They are great. I will be checking regularly for updates. Say hello to evertone for me.

Dave M

Comment by Sue Clark on 8/20/2009

Hi Sunny, It was great meeting you at the Fest in Newark. I love all of the pins I bought from you. Your website looks fantastic. I plan on visiting often. By some chance, did you meet a guy named Shawn at the Festival this year? I don't know his last name. He has shoulder-length brown hair and his fingernails were painted black. He was there with a friend and his friend's young son. If you know who I mean, could you give me his email address or contact him for me? Thanks-my email is suebarbie@aol.com.

Comment by Bob Brown on 8/18/2009

It was such a pleasure meeting you at DS '09. You made a great experience even better with the extra attention you gave to myself and my daughter,Carly. If you do get the opportunity to email me the photos of my slobbering over Lara Parkers' knuckles and Carly and I with the ever colorful John Karlen,we shall be eternally grateful. My email is clemenza51@hotmail.com and once again,thank you so much...God bless-

Bob and Carly Brown

Comment by Dr Julia on 8/16/2009

Sunny, I can't wait to see your pictures from the 2009 festival. I am sad when Amanda and I miss it. Debbie ; (

Comment by pazul on 8/5/2009

great web site ilove it

Comment by Moz1963 on 7/21/2009

What a great website!

I have seen many of these pictures taken in person. It brings back many fond memories!

See you in August!

Comment by Sunny on 6/3/2009

Regarding this entry...

Comment by on 6/3/2009
respond urgently to me madam/sir

Please e-mail me at sunny@codelphia.net

Comment by on 6/3/2009

respond urgently to me madam/sir

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 5/16/2009

I'm back!

Sunny as I said I love your site. It saddens me that there are very few sites left on the web for Dark Shadows fans.

Kaz ~;~

Comment by jane on 5/10/2009

I love this website!

Comment by Lalli on 5/2/2009

As you know, Sunny, before you went to Naples this last time I'd been playing your Sunny Chipmunk song Mike and Jack made for you.
I just went through and found the animation of Joe and the multiple evil pillows to look at again.
They are so funny! I'm glad you are so talented and share with everyone.
I'm also glad we share a home together. It was a great day when we first met on the internet.
I love you.

Comment by sylvia on 5/1/2009

all the music is coool. who made it? mike?

Comment by sylvia on 5/1/2009

very pleasing web page. i love the knights in white satin version. who plays it?

Comment by LISA FROM LYNDHURST on 4/24/2009


Comment by Carole Spiller on 4/23/2009

It is so wonderful to be back in touch with everyone! The Showcase is great.

Comment by Di on 4/7/2009

As you know, I loved the show. Your showcase is fabulous.

Love you,

Comment by Mia on 4/2/2009

Loved the show. looking forward to some new .spins in this field

Comment by dom on 3/4/2009

Thanks for your efforts. I enjoyed your site very much.

Comment by MissyPittyKitty on 1/23/2009

I have created a new Dark Shadows quiz on Fun Trivia. I invite you to take the quiz, and although it is rated "difficult" I know the people who read this will get them all right.


Good Luck

(I don't know why the link didn't work, just type in Fun Trivia and you should get there.)

Comment by zombie hunter on 1/8/2009

Dark Shadows is one of those programs that becomes almost legendary in its wide range of story lines. Like Dan Curtis, it was ahead of its time yet right for the time. Thanks for the memories....with more to follow.

Comment by carol ann peck on 1/7/2009

i love dark shadows a lot. i go to allthe festivals and have a good time. i love to have a good bite at night.

Comment by Philip D on 11/4/2008

Hi Sunny
What a great site - even though us Yorkshire people have never seen the show !! It gives a great insight to what the show was all about, it was so nice to be able to put a face to all the friends that meet on the chat on fridays - keep up the good work.
With Love from "Over the Pond"

Comment by MissyPittyKitty on 10/28/2008

I know Sunny has been keeping you posted on Goops' condition. I spoke to her today, and told her of your concern for her. Although in a very weak condition, she was very grateful for your concern. She would like to hear from those of you that she knew:

Jan Taylor
St Lukes Hospital Room 219
915 E 1st St
Duluth, MN 55805

Comment by Lali on 10/26/2008

Thank you so much for adding my Halloween Poem to your Creative Cove.
I enjoyed writing it very much.
I love to come here and see all the additions you put on Showcase!

Comment by MAGGIE on 10/17/2008

I just wanted to let you know that your website is great. I love the pictures and the music. It is great to look at pictures and hear music of a terrific show that I grew to love.

Comment by Carol. F on 8/24/2008

I love the website Sunny! Wow what a great job you did (once again) with all of our many fest photos! This brings back so many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!
Thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into this very creative site!

Comment by Lali on 8/21/2008

I hope Amber will be back to your site and see this, Sunny....I just read her stories you posted here and enjoyed them quite a bit.
I love seeing all the things you have shared with DS fans over the years here and I know how hard you've been working on them, too.
Keep up the great work!

Comment by AmberB on 8/20/2008

Great site!!! I love it!

Comment by dMike on 8/20/2008

Sunny, all of your festival photographs are just fantastic! From one who knows just how much work goes into each picture, thanks for the great presentation.

Thanks also to Joe for posting about his festival DVDs! Those of us unable to attend can still purchase them and enjoy all the events almost as if we were there.

Comment by joe integlia on 8/11/2008

Purchase Video of the 2008 D.S.Festival!
Volume #1 has a running time of apx 5 hours! The DVD is on two, 2.5 hour discs. The VHS is on two, T-160 tapes at the SP speed. The cost is $20.00 + $4.00 shipping. CA residents must add 8.25% sales tax.
Volume #2 has a running time of apx. 4 hours! The DVD is on two, 2 hour discs. The VHS is on two, T-120 tapes at the SP speed. The cost is $20.00 + $4.00 shipping. CA residents must add 8.25% sales tax.
If you are ordering both volumes at the same time, you only need to add $4.00 for shipping for both volumes.
send check(checks will delay order apx. 2 weeks) or M.O. to J.T. VIDEO, 1626 N.WILCOX AVE. #396, HOLLYWOOD, CA. 90028. Specify DVD or VHS. Payments also accepted via pay pal
for more information go to

Comment by Lali on 8/11/2008

I love your pages you're doing for the festival pics and reports...
Thanks so much.

Comment by jayraykno on 8/10/2008

Nice site, keep up the good work!

Comment by dMIke on 8/10/2008

I love all the new pages you are putting up for the 2008 festival! Keep up the great work.

Comment by fridfreak on 8/10/2008

Wow! This is a great website for DS fans!! I love it.

Comment by joe integlia on 8/3/2008

i have a website for the recent burbank festival. its still under construction.


Comment by joe integlia on 8/3/2008

great website. i have a youtube page with interesting videos from dark shadows conventions, past and present.


Comment by Dave Barnabas M on 7/20/2008

Just took another tour of the site. It is filled with many great memmories. I finally got to see all the moderators. Now I have a face to match to all the chatting. Keep up the good work.


Comment by Sunny on 7/12/2008

Thanks everyone for signing my guestbook and for your wonderful praises and feedback. I will be attending the DS Festival in Burbank, so please stay tuned for lots of 2008 Fest photos, reports and so much more...


Comment by jmissm@msn.com on 7/10/2008

Loved the Dark Shadows series of years past and found it interesting that characters would be killed off in one manner or another and then reappear as a new character! Have been searching for YEARS for the sheet music for Quentin's Theme which is particularly "haunting", if you get my drift. Anyone have any leads?

Comment by Christine on 7/4/2008

Great Site ! I have been a fan of Dark Shadows since I was a child. Very disappointed that the Sci-fi channel owns the rites but fails to air it.


Comment by sharon wing on 6/19/2008

thank for having such a great web site I will vist often now that I have found it. thank again

Comment by Debbie Reynolds on 6/16/2008

Thanks for remembering Barnabas and the whole crew. It was the absolute best show ever on during the soaps' timeframe. I hate soaps. Love Barnabas!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 6/5/2008

Your site is the most fantasic that I've ever seen. You work hard and it shows. Thanks for all that you do.

Kaz ~;~

Comment by Sunny on 5/30/2008

Thanks so much, Elaine, for letting me know that you enjoyed my site. A big thanks to everyone else too, who have signed my guestbook and have said such nice things about Dark Shadows Showcase. Your wonderful feedback gives me such a big smile.
Thank you all!

Comment by Elaine on 5/29/2008

This is a great site!!! I really enjoyed it and will come back often.

Comment by dMIke on 5/17/2008

Hey Sunny,

I fixed the Guestbook image above to eliminate the weird shadow under "Guestbook."

Just added a permanent link to your Showcase to the Codelphia home page.

Comment by Lali on 5/14/2008

Yes, there is a Dark Shadows Chat every Friday nights.
Holidays are sometimes exempt.

The link is:
If you have trouble getting in, use this url:

We're always glad to welcome any new members.
If you wish when you get in, you can tell us you saw the link on Sunny's showcase.
When you get to the login page just put in the name you want to use. No password is necessary.
Thanks so much for asking.
Oh we would love to have you join us!

Comment by Geri on 5/12/2008

Is there currently a Dark Shadows chat?

Comment by Joe Stewart on 5/12/2008

Thanks for letting me visit and for paying homage to the best television show on earth. God Bless

Comment by Jim H on 4/24/2008

Hey fellow DS fans! I'm looking to buy or trade for any/all of the DVDs I still need and I have a bunch of extra other items if anyone is looking for anything in particular (jrh60@juno.com). Thanks!

Comment by Dave(Barnabas) Medsker on 4/11/2008

Hello Sunny, Glad I made it to the sight. It looks so awesome. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Comment by dMike on 3/26/2008

Thanks, Sunny, for all the work you do for all of us!

Comment by Lali on 3/26/2008

I love your new picture for the homepage, Sunny.
Good job, Mike!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 1/17/2008

Just check out the updates and my dear fangsister you're doing a smashing job!

Comment by DulcedeLeche on 11/13/2007

Hi Guys!

I sure miss you - I used to gather with you all in the mornings to watch DS on Sci Fi - how long ago that feels! I'm glad to see your still here, and love the Showcase!


Comment by Val on 11/6/2007

I love this site, it brought back a lot of great childhood memories.

Comment by CRAIG CULWELL on 11/3/2007

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am #-1 Fan of Dark Shadows. Can you please keep me posted whats going on with Dark Shadows. I know I want to buy stuff from Dark Shadows. Here is my e-mail address cmculwell@yahoo.com.

Thank You,

Comment by Alan aka Holefan69 on 10/24/2007

I was a horror fan even as a very young child, and I used to watch Dark Shadows with my mom after school EVERY DAY!! It was the best show on television!! Barnabas Collins was awesome!! I work for Mahalo search engine and created a result page for Dark Shadows Fans!!


Here is the link to my page!! Enjoy!!

Comment by Leonie Holmes on 10/12/2007

I had a wonderful time looking at the DS pictures.
Maybe one day I'll get to meet you----at a festival!!!!!
Wonderful website---love it!

Comment by Rick Hatch on 10/6/2007

Thank you Sunny and Co. for putting up my pictures from the festival. It was very nice of you, and I have certainly enjoyed your site! Rick

Comment by Alan on 10/4/2007

I watched Dark Shadows from 1968 on. 1795 and Quentin's hauntings were the best. Somehow I always miss the 1995 episodes.
Anyone ever go to the 53rd street Studio? Its now Montel Williams show studio.

Comment by Carol on 10/3/2007

WOW! Sunny, I love the website! Enjoyed looking at all the fest pictures and reading the great fest reports! Also loved all the creative stuff as well.
I just finished viewing "Puttin On The Fest" BRAVO!! Loved it!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 10/2/2007

Just saw your "Putting On The Fest" Fangtastic! Fangsister!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 9/23/2007

Just viewed the Fest photos and they are great. Thanks so much to all for sharing them.

Comment by Fran on 9/17/2007

Fantastic, er, fangtastic Fest pictures, Sunny!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 7/25/2007

Hello my favorite wacky Fangsisters! The festival is right around the corner and we expect reports and photos especially of Jonathan Fird if you can keep Sunny off him long enough! LOL

Keep up the great work and stop by my place and say hi and check out the 40th Anniversary tribute to Barnabas! BTW some of the great images by Sunny & Hope are featured!

Comment by Dr Julia ( Debbie ) on 6/24/2007

I enjoyed this so much and really put me in the mood for the festival. Deb ; )

Comment by Mike on 5/28/2007

Now the guestbook will always display the newest comments on top!

Hope you like the changes.

Comment by Jack on 5/28/2007

Just testing some upgrades to the Guestbook routines.

Hope they work well!

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 5/13/2007

Hello just checking in!

Comment by Dee on 5/12/2007

I finally had time to take a peek! Busy time of year with a wedding in two weeks, and a graduation this week!


Comment by rick on 4/26/2007

Wow! I took a tour...Nice!

Comment by Jan on 4/25/2007

This is absolutely wonderful! I really enjoyed this. Good work to you all!

Comment by Mesob on 4/25/2007

What a great guestbook! I love the photo mike and Jack "made" for the page! Sunny and Hope, this is a great site for all us DS fans..thanks for all the hard work all of you do for us!

Comment by Diane on 4/25/2007

Love your site, Sunny and Hope! And this guestbook is fabulous. Woo-hoo!

Comment by Lali on 4/25/2007

This is great, Sunny and Hope.
I like to look over the great fest pics and your animations and Mike's magic marvels the best.
I'm so glad that you got this set up.
I'm sure more people will be visiting and signing your great guestbook as well.
I love the picture Mike fixed for you as well.
Hope to see everyone in August!

Comment by Charlotte on 4/25/2007

Nice guest book you guys did alot of work.

Comment by Kaz ~;~ on 4/25/2007

You both do a fantastic job and I love your site and visit offen.

Comment by dMike on 4/25/2007

Great work, Sunny and Hope. Fantastic site!

I hope everyone enjoys your new guestbook!